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    LSI Cachecade

    try it and see. I am guessing it should work... Drivers for the Card should be there, xpenology should see one large drive. which you can then setup and a single volume. Only issue I can think of is if the volume is too large eg greter than 16tb problem for ext4.... the fix would be to make multiple less than 16tb volumes. Let me know if you get stuck
  2. if it's an intel chipset it will just work. if it's a broadcom chipset you will need to add the firmware files (drivers) in the correct places for it to work.
  3. Gday philsrb. Not looked at 5.1 as yet myself. Have you done a search thru the file system for similar lines? eg are they moved / hiding elsewhere? find /* | grep "internalportcfg" etc?
  4. Read this thread .
  5. Your lacking some info. Your Games n Stuff PC......what OS is that running? It's easy enough to get decent speeds from Xpenology's networking. If your OS for games n stuff is Linux / BSD / Unix etc then bonding multiple cards can be the cheapest way to go (no switch needed if direct connecting) else cheapest is to grab some old 10Gb Fibre cards, and a length of fibre cable should see you getting an easy 9.90 Gbits/sec Way more than a bunch of HDD's raided together will give you. Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapters work perfectly, and can be found cheap on eBay... if yo
  6. Think from memory I gave more than 26 a whirl once. Had to change the maxdisks setting but it seemed fine. MDADM has a limit on the max drives in a mirror set.... so that might be the limitation... eg /dev/md0 and /dev/md1 (OS and swap space) are mirror sets which go across all drives...... .
  7. MD0 = Mirror raid where the OS resides MD1 = Mirror Raid where the swap files lives MD2 = Raid 5 Array where your volume lives No somethings gone amiss there I would guess, and as such the reason you have such slow access times. I would wipe the drives completely and start again..... were these drives previously used in a mdadm array in another OS??
  8. t's a known problem sadly. Drives jump around all over the place.... but dont actually cause any mdadm uses the uuid of the drives to assemle the arrays....but yes makes identifiying drives a little messy .
  9. maybe you need better lan cards? ie ones with tcpip offload etc to relieve the cpu load?
  10. Glad it helped. Was a fair while ago I did it yeah... just have to to find the right files and watch dmesg as to where to place them and it all works. .
  11. Broadcom cards need you to add the firmware into the correct folder. Tho, you might have to temporarily add another lan card into the system to get xpenology installed. EG grab a cheap intel e1000 card etc to get you going.... then you can download and fiddle with the correct firmware file and as to where it need to be placed. dmesg outputs can help you find where the driver is expecting to find the firmware files. For a 10/100 Broadcom card I have my notes ============= Download these files (will put them up somewhere for you)
  12. I would disable as much ports (usb and onboard SATA) as you can. then work from there 1st set the SATA / SAS / msata work out how many and convert to hex 2nd then E-SATA if you need it. 3rd then usb ports if there is just one esata port use 0x1xxxxx, that is 1 x esata port and the xxxxx are the hex code you used for the SATA etc. it's confusing and complicated fudge.... but once you get it right will work fine. also I would suggest not hiding the usb stick (eg entering PID and VID in menu_nano.lst file) until you have sorted the above out. as then you can see
  14. yes speed of SMB copy from one Xpenology to another is pretty bad. I work around it by using the backup and replication app backup from one box to another, then just move the folders / files you will get full speed of the network this way. eg SMB copy = approx 50-60mb/s backup (which is really rsync) = 115-120mb/s .
  15. Unless you have pretty much nothing running or installed on the system HDD spindown is a waste of time trying to chase. There are way way way to many things that wake the drives back up or prevent them from sleeping eg, just enabling SMB sharing, and setting the box to become the master browser..... then enables the guest account..... which in turn either keeps the drives awake, or wakes them backup from sleep every 20mins. .