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  1. Hi i have running fine with LSI LSI 9207-8i and a 2 port 1G card. But recently I changed the network card to a X550-T2 10G card, it caused the LSI crashed or not detected. If both are in, my hdd and volume will not show. but the 10G interfaces all ok. If I removed the 10G card, the LSI is ok. If I run the synology on top of esxi 6.7 I can detected both card. But after i passthru them, the LSI will crashed after sometime and become not passthru again. I changed to run bare metal, as long as the X550 card is in, my volume cant be detected, I only managed to get it detected on
  2. badbad2000

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have install using DSM_DS918+_23824.pat with DSM6.2.1 I have problem on the harddisk health info. it shown "access error", "fail to fetch smart information any idea how to solve it? I am using esxi 6.7
  3. is the ryzen memory is stated compatible to your motherboard? many cases system crash caused by the memory
  4. Do you have the download link for V1.02-alpha-TEST ? look for post early mar. I solved my problem because I didn't plug in the sata cables to the LSI card. lol.
  5. Hi DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha-TEST has fixed my on board Ethernet issue but the LSI 9207-8i not detected. Is LSI 9207-8I supported yet? I am using esxi 6 because the 6.5 don't let me put my usb Ethernet as management interface permanently.
  6. Hi quicknick, is your version able to support lacp in esxI 6 distributed switch? It doesn't work on Jun version.
  7. My mobo nic I211 not working with Jun loader. So I build esxi 6 with vcenter and configured the lacp on vds. However, when I boot the loader on the on lacp uplink it doesn't work. I think dsm don't support it. But if I use only a vmnet for 1 nic then is working. Anyone have experience on this? How can I solve this?
  8. Please support Intel i211, should be under Igb but doesn't seems mentioned in the hw supported list Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I also ordered a LSI 9207-8i, hope this can be supported in 2.3 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I also ordered a LSI 9207-8i, hope this can be supported in 2.3 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. yes, you need to get a sata HBA card that supported by the loader then Configuring VMDirectPath I/O pass-through. Make sure your mobo support this.
  12. The first line decompress lzma archive and cpio command extract files to current directory. The second line pack all files and directories in current directory to cpio format and then apply lzma compression on it Hi Arcao, when I extract the ramdisk.lzma, I got the data is corrupt. But it not with extra.lzma # unlzma -c ../ramdisk.lzma | cpio -im unlzma: ../ramdisk.lzma: Compressed data is corrupt 45997 blocks
  13. MOBO:GA-H170N-WIFI I manually load different version of module also doesn't work. tried,, rmmod /lib/module/igb.ko insmod /lib/module/igb.ko modified the sequence in /etc/rc.modules still the e1000e will load before igb. in ramdisk, which file can control the sequence of loading the modules? can I do the repack also with ramdisk? maybe I just remove the e1000e.ko and igb.ko inside then repack it again.
  14. look like insmod only load after. Even I copy igb.ko with lower version to /lib/modules still it load the latest version. I need to use this command to unpack and pack back the igb.ko? unlzma -c ../extra.lzma | cpio -im find . | cpio -o -H newc | lzma > ../extra_new.lzma anyone can explain what is the cpio means?