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  1. No. The data won't make sense without the other drives. ie: one file could be written across multiple drives - that's why a battery backup is so important, a power outage could corrupt all of your data if it were writing while it glitches. (Only takes once to learn the lesson) If you need something to "unplg", use a USB drive that is not part of the raid.
  2. I honestly feel like 5.1 seemed more steady than 5.2. I won't do the 5.2 update due to my system becoming"weird" (notifications stopped/hibernation stopped).
  3. Update 2 killed hibernation for me. Revert to the original IMG. Fixed it for me.
  4. Went back / did not do update 2. Hibernation works again.
  5. Update 2 seems to be my issue. 5.2 no updates works along with hibernation.
  6. I'm thinking the HD hibernation issue may be with update 2. Clean install with the 5.2.2 image HDD hibernation was working - now its not. Debating going back. I've had permission issues with Sick/Sab all of a sudden too -
  7. I actually reinstalled on accident losing my settings this way. (Prolly an easier way, but no one has answered) I was on the latest 5.2 update 2 after doing the usual flash USB with new IMG and then use pat file with synotools from 5.1.5. Didn't work well. Lost recent logs, and hibernation didn't work. Read that a 'fresh' install fixes things. Use at own risk. 1. Flashed USB with 5.1 IMG. 2. Rebooted and chose update at the bottom of the boot menu. 3. Synotools will tell you you have to reinstall when you choose to migrate/choose the old 5.1 pat, as the version installed is newer. 4. Pulled the USB and flashed the latest 5.2 , popped it in and chose the 5.2 pat file. 5. Wiped my settings with keeping my data. Seems to be working well. I know there is a way to edit a file to trick DSM into thinking its older right away- dunno where that post is. Good luck
  8. Just me. But I'll prolly use this test version - especially if it has an expansion fix. Why be limited by the other?
  9. Asus C60M1-I. I'm sure there are newer options with built in usb3. But I have had pretty good luck as a file server. *never mind, I only see refurb and a new one for $300 on Amazon. It was more like $70 a year and a half ago.
  10. Migrated from beta 5. All OK except red notification, and telling me I have an intel core i3. AMD C60m1 here 16 gigs and 6*3tb. Thanks for everything.
  11. Sounds like you actually deleted your files. It took me a mistake like this to teach me the importance of secondary backups. (And enabling recycle bin)
  12. Sounds like you actually deleted your files. It took me a mistake like this to teach me the importance of secondary backups. (And enabling recycle bin)
  13. xrecar

    AMD APU ?

    C60M1-I running 4.2.3202 . I was able to get it fairly cheap at the time. DSM only reports 3 of the 16 gigs of ram installed. Debating upgrading to 4.3 because everything is working but that slight issue. Ram usage never seems to max out anyways. 6 disks, its a great file server/plex/media box.
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