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  1. Can't you just vi the file from ssh at that point?
  2. Will check it when I can get home to hardboot it. I was hoping I could SSH from work to reboot it but it keeps saying connection reset by peer. It ran for days ok after the card and hard drive were added, I did a Python, SABNZBD and SickBeard update last night from package center and woke up this morning to this issue for the first time. Hardbooted it and it was fine but by the time I got to work I was unable to access the webgui again. SAB/CP/SB are still running just fine and accessible and I can get in via DS File on my iPhone and browse my shares fine. I may try and switch to n
  3. Having some issues running gnoBoot and 5.0-4458 Update 2. I ran out of space on my main storage volume so I added a SIL3132 SATA card and another 2TB drive. All was fine, it took about 38 hours to expand and all seemed great. Now I am having an issue where DSM web interface will just stop working. I am getting Internal Server Error - 500 and I can't SSH either. But Sickbeard, SAB, Couchpotato and all my network shares are still accessible. If I hard boot it, DSM will come up for a bit again and then die. Not sure what is going on
  4. So this chipset works using Gnoboot?
  5. Affected Products: OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) Vendor products with OpenSSL embedded (vendors will be publishing security advisories with patch releases as the week progresses) Non-Affected Products: OpenSSL 1.0.1g, 1.0.0 branch and 0.9.8 branch So you are fine.
  6. I shut my box down, pulled the Trantor USB stick, wrote the gnoboot image to it, put it back in, picked and updated using the latest full .pat file. Just like is outlined here... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2545
  7. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2545 Followed the steps on the first post and had no issues moving from 4.3 3810 to 5.0 4458. My shares didn't show up at first but then I realized its because permissions got reset. After I added admin back to read/write on everything, all my data is here.
  8. This is the tail of my messages file... I see these Kernel messages and they concerned me... but everything seems to work OK... is this ok? Jan 23 17:32:50 DiskStation avahi-daemon[10848]: Failed to add service 'DiskStation' of type '_http._tcp', ignoring service group (/usr/syno/avahi/services/http.service): Invalid record Jan 23 22:33:09 DiskStation pulseaudio[15160]: [pulseaudio] shm.c: Failed to read /dev/shm/: No such file or directory Jan 23 22:33:09 DiskStation pulseaudio[15160]: [pulseaudio] bluetooth-util.c: org.bluez.Manager.ListAdapters() failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spa
  9. I have this release up and running on my gigabyte G31M-S2L... It's ICH7. I thought that ICH7 wasn't supousted to work?
  10. I just finished the swap. Everything came up fine. Not sure if it mattered but I put the sata cables back into the same numbered ports 0-3 where they were before.
  11. I have xpenology running on an old power hungry pentium D setup now. I just freed up a Core 2 Duo machine and would like to put that motherboard/processor in my XPEnology box. Will I have any issues if I just hook the hard drives up and boot from the same USB drive? I don't want to format the drives. It seems like it would be ok from posts I've found but figured I'd ask.
  12. My ICH8 won't get past the AHCI bios screen with XPEnology installed either. Have to run in IDE. Works fine if I blow the partitions away.
  13. Updated just fine executing the same script used for update 2