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  1. Great job ! Here is a link to a repacked version of 4482 pat file. On grub boot menu hit "c" and then kernel /zImage gnoboot_me=5.0-4482 boot Then install with this pat file :!1AMjnByB!obF8MVtkYTmxK34fS8VWy7LmersHdHYLEDrvteBBQ6I So far, it's ok for me. Regards, C.G. Worked perfectly in minutes on my custom PC. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hello all, Many thanks to gnoboot for his release of 10.5. I booted my server using the newly built USB stick : no problem! I downloaded the DSM5 update 2 pat from ... 3612xs.pat I used the DSM update GUI to manually update using that pat file. 3 minutes later the system was rebooted with no configuration or data loss! Regards