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  1. Hi all, my NAS just bumped me, that DSM 5.0-4482 is available. According to the release notes: Has anybody tested that on gnoboot already? Maybe even on a HP N54L? And with an Upgrade from DSM 5.0-4458? I know that this is very quick after a release, but somebody needs to start that discussion Cheers!
  2. @Montago: You should probably have an own thread for your issues. Also you should describe the complete setup you are running. To me it looks as if you are running a local VMWare Workstation with XPenology and now you are complaining that this takes CPU-Time which leads to lags in Battlefield. Also if you run your copies from the local PC to the VM, you should consider the virtualization layer and some disk i/o blockages which will probably cause your pc to be slower than expected.
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