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  1. mactron

    New HP Gen 8 Installation, best practice?

    Could some measure the power consumption of the HP Gen 8 with DSM natively installed? Is Docker working?
  2. mactron

    DSM 5.2 is available

    What about Docker? Is it running properly?
  3. mactron

    gnoboot & DSM 5.0-4482 - Experiences?

    I ordered an DS414. Anyway: Thank you gnoboot and trantor for your great work.
  4. mactron

    Heartbleed vulnerability

    So maybe an admin should made our threads sticky: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2833
  5. mactron

    DSM 5 affected by OpenSSL bug

    Since DSM 5 uses OpenSSL it is affected by the SSL Heartbleed Bug: ... -internet/ So until it's fixed your https connection to your XPEnology DS is not secure and all data could be decrypted (including your credentials).
  6. mactron

    unable to install DSM4.3-3827 update 1

    So he has to update do 3827 first since it is a "big" update: Afterwards you can update to DSM4.3-3827 update 1 as described above!
  7. mactron

    unable to install DSM4.3-3827 update 1

    For me it worked. On which Version are you?
  8. mactron

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Since i updated to Beta7 Push Notification is broken for me. Does anybody else have the problem?
  9. mactron

    4.3-3827_Change Log

    This won't work because the Update is a *.pat file. So we have to wait!
  10. mactron

    4.3-3827_Change Log

    This won't work because the Update is a *.pat file. So we have to wait!
  11. mactron

    Hard drive fail Howto

    Get the SN of the failing drive, shut down the DS and search for the drive.
  12. Can you please tell me if Push Notification is working for you?
  13. How I fixed HDD not sleeping problem on N54L: -Change the time (minutes) after which the HDDs should go to sleep an save- -Change back to the desired time and save Sleeping should now work!
  14. mactron

    Is XPEnology stable enough for production environment?

    If your data is worth the cost of an real Synology DS and you have no idea what you're doing, you should get a real DS. It's up to you to to know and ret the risk, since it's your data that will get lost. So if you're not 100% aware of what are the risks, get a real DS.
  15. mactron


    Vermutlich meinst du N54L und das gehen sie bei mir problemlos ins den Standby. Bei meinem USB-Stick habe ich allerdings auch die PID und VID geändert, so dass dieser nicht angezeigt wird.