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  1. Apart from the kernel version that changes from DSM 6.1 (3.10.102) to 6.2 (3.10.105), does syno included new protection ? The issue with 6.2 when loading drivers/modules that crash, does it crash because of protection or "just" because these modules are not build with latest GPL released ? I've been offline from long long time but I discovered that Syno released GPL sources for DSM 6.1-15047 (kernel 3.10.102) in september 2017 and no one tried to build it's own kernel from there. I am very suprised since there are loader that fool the protection, the only missing part
  2. Forget to tell that I have 3 synology box that can be used to reverse engineer if needed. I have: DS918+ RS820RP+ RS815RP+
  3. Hi all, I just check if this project is still alive and it is and some amazing work have been done. Unfortunately I don't have time to spent of this but I just seen that Synology uploaded new source code for 24922branch: NAS GPL Source/24922branch/ Long life to XPEnology
  4. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader
  5. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have done more test about network detecting issues. I found a "old" Intel I340-T4 adapter (that use igb driver) to run some test: My test system have an onboard realtek adapter (RTL8102EL 10/100M) + Intel I340-T4 Using jun 1.02 alpha: No disk in the system : Syno Assistant find both network adapters (intel and realtek) Disk with DSM (current or old) : Syno Assistant find nothing even using Reinstall boot option Using my modified version of jun 1.02 alpha: No disk in the system : Syno Assistant find both network adapters Disk with DSM (current or old) : Syno Assistant find bo
  6. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    There are lot of people which have network detecting issues. All intel drivers (igb, e1000e, ixgbe) are already included, updated and loaded by Synology so don't ask if someone can add them. And Yes on some systems with intel adapter it's not working After some digging I found some topic about intel 10gb not working properly due to Synology parameter in /etc.defaults/modules.conf Removing these lines seems to fix the issue. In this file there are parameters for ixgbe (10gb) AND for igb (i210, i340, i350, 825xx) So I build a test version based on jun's 1.02 alpha for DSM 6.1
  7. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I've rebased the vendor changes on 3.10.77 to 3.10.102, seems still works. jun your are the MAN Next step is I think to troubleshoot the network issue on some system that "prevent" network driver to load at boot. How can I (or the community) help you to debug ? How do you display/access the early boot stage without serial console ?
  8. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Clean OP, add link to Pokanskiman's tutorial and add download mirror. DMS 6.1 uses updated kernel (3.10.102). The kernel sources for 6.0.2 (3.10.77) has not been released yet so don't hope anything from Syno before months. Like before no sources = no loader jun's v1.01 loader CAN'T support DSM 6.1 so DO NOT UPGRADE !
  9. Another vote for Realtek RTL8111GR nic driver especially for new DSM6.0.2 loader. Thanks. +1 more for Realtek RTL8111GR driver being integrated so I can continue to use my ASRock N3150-ITX mobo. I assume 6.0.2 will NOT work on with my on board NIC after reading this: "Polanskiman wrote: * Note: r8169 from Trantor archive doesn't work with my on-board Realtek RTL8111GR. So I kept the existing which is also much bigger." viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100&start=280&hilit=Realtek+RTL8111GR THANK YOU!! Does anyone with "problematic" Realtek RTL8111GR have tried lat
  10. I would like to help the community about some nic not detected by jun's loader. I read that lot of people are asking for reatek,intel,atheros... driver. These driver are already included and loaded at boot. But it seems that some nic doesn't come up I even read that editing grub.conf allow a user to get his i210 working : So I test myself and here are the results: With initrd $img/ramdisk.lzma $img/$extra_initrd (latest dr
  11. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Great work Arcao OP Updated with latest links
  12. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I tried to set CONFIG_SYNO_FIXED_DISK_NAME=n (in menuconfig: Synology Enhancement Features -> Device Drivers -> SATA -> Use Fixed Disk Name) and compile ata_piix kernel module. Now it's successfully loaded with insmod, but hard to say how it will work without Use Fixed Disk Name. Interesting... If syno_libata_get_index is missing in the genuine syno kernel it means that it's disable, otherwise when we insmod module it shouldn't complain about missing function. Can you repack this in a test ramdisk so I can test it with my mobo using ata_piix. About your r8169 not worki
  13. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    It's ICH8R - You need ata_piix.ko, which is not included, I will add it to bootimage. During my test with updated network modules, I have tried to add sata driver including ata_piix (needed for my old ICH7 mobo). When trying to insmod these sata modules it complain about unknow syno_libata_get_index or something like that. This function should be included in the kernel (function declared in libata-core) but it doesn't. I even try building these module with vanilla 3.10.77 kernel. sata_sil, sata_via, sata_amd .... load ok but ata_piix module is stuck during insmod. Of course using
  14. Trantor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Here is my little contribution to this release : ... rs-dsm6.7z Updated broadcom tg3, bnx2, bnx2x, cnic Updated intel e1000e (I219 support) Add/Updated realtek r8168, r8169 and r8101 (r8169 from realtek website no the one inside the kernel tree) I use kernel source/toolchain from first post to compile these modules. Sorry no time to repack this inside the current loader.