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      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. NEW DSM 5.1-5004 AVAILABLE !!

    I've been there too... Some people doesn't really appreciate our effort for this community. All they want is free stuff and complain.
  2. XPEnology gnoBoot

    It took so long before finally releasing this iSCSI patch to the community. I'm no longer interested in maintaining/keeping this stuff. Releasing my kernel build script soon, but no support or whatever. If you want to donate or appreciate my work email me.
  3. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Did you try manually reloading mpt2sas driver after booting up DSM? gnoboot> rmmod mpt2sas gnoboot> insmod /lib/modules/mpt2sas.ko && dmesg | tail -n 50 or gnoboot> insmod /lib/modules/mpt2sas.ko missing_delay=1000 && dmesg | tail -n 50 And post the result of 2nd command.
  4. XPEnology gnoBoot

    I'm using 9211-8i and it works (IR mode) for me on ESXi+vt-d. Are you using baremetal or vt-d? Doesn't show in DSM or doesn't detect the disk? Have you been able to get disks conected to the 9211-8i to start from Disk1-Disk8? Do i need to blacklist any other drivers to make sure theres no unused slots before the disks on the raid card? Also , Will flashing IT firmware instead of IR benifit in any way? You have to blacklist the boot image disk (ata_piix) using rmmod GRUB option. Put the following lines in your /boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst kernel /zImage rmmod=ata_piix,r8169,r8169_new To load the wireless or multimedia drivers, put the following lines in /etc/rc.local. #!/bin/sh source /etc/rc.subr source /.gnoboot/modules.d/03-wifi.conf source /.gnoboot/modules.d/05-media.conf SYNOLoadModules $WIFI_MOD SYNOLoadModules $MEDIA_MOD If video station still doesn't work, then you have to figure it out by yourself. I don't support anything related to DSM.
  5. [SOLVED]Wake on LAN - Qualcomm Atheros AR8171

  6. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Boot to debug mode by editing gnoboot-alpha boot menu, send your /.gnoboot/debug.log. Can you also provide a DSM screenshoot? kernel /zImage debug
  7. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Haven't looked into it . I'm using 9211-8i and it works (IR mode) for me on ESXi+vt-d. Are you using baremetal or vt-d? Doesn't show in DSM or doesn't detect the disk? Try to blacklist r8169 using rmmod GRUB option. Did you load the drivers in /etc/rc.local? Try it again using 10.5, added more boot-up messages to trace your problem. Try to blacklist r8169 using rmmod GRUB option. Did you load the DVB drivers in /etc/rc.local?
  8. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Try to insmod pata_amd or pata_acpi.
  9. [SOLVED] Change model - gnoboot 10.4 alpha

    Please expound custom hardware. What you're getting is the default hardware model if something weird happens.
  10. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Post your `dmesg` and `lspci -vvv`. You can also try gnoboot-alpha10.5-vanila-zImage.
  11. Edit your GRUB configuration like the following: kernel /zImage sn=XXXXXXXX
  12. External USB Devices on gnoBoot/DSM5

    I've looked at your dmesg but there's no unknown messages. Did you dmesg after plugging your USB device?
  13. DSM 5 4458 fails on Asus P8H77-I, BIOS settings?

    Great! Are you still using those boot parameters I gave you? Use pastebin or cryptobin then link it here.
  14. XPEnology gnoBoot

    @FrankDeRyder, It's probably DSM app related issue, my boot image is just a kernel and initramfs. It has nothing to do with the apps. For example, synozram script is broken because vendor is using PHP to calculate memory size which is missing from default installation. @Kybla, Might be, try another backup method (e.g. rsync) or wait for beta release that will include a working iSCSI block backend.
  15. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Not sure, if you 4.2 would allow you to jump directly to 5.0. Take a backup first before you do anything as it should not be "configuration lost" if you have existing DSM installation.