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  1. Habe des Gleiche Problem. Des Script wird ordentlich geladen aber der GOV wird nicht gesetzt.
  2. Now it works. Don't know why but I think my system is a bit strange. There are some more problems
  3. The settings page are simply gone or they are greyed out? The ShutDown and WakeUp settings are gone, like I never set up.
  4. Hi @ all, I am wondering whether my network performance while writing some files in my disks in so slow?! Specs: i3-4130T ASROCK B85M-ITX Qualcomm Atheros AR8171 8GB Ram 2x WD Red 2TB (SHR RAID1) DSM 5-4458 Update 2 / gnoboot 10.5 If I write files on the disks I am around 50-60 MB/s. This is a bit slow for SATA3 and GB-Lan isn't it? The ressource monitor shows nothing too. Despite there is network traffic and everything within the ressource monitor show up some values the network is at 0 KB/s. Is there a trick to get it work? Thank you for all effort!
  5. Damn... I thought the problem is gone but it is still there. It worked for the last two days but now it's gone again. Is it possible to do that by scripting or hardcoded in a file? That sucks
  6. Hi @ all, my system was working great until yesterday. Referring to my pllan the system shutdown correctly yesterday evening. After I left my house today I was checking the cloud for a file but the system was down. After I was back home I checked the system and after the reboot the energy saving plan settings were gone. No problem I thought and created a new plan. But after a reboot this plan was gone too. I've done nothing yesterday but the problem is still there. Could please anybody help me? System: DSM 5-4458 update 2 / gnoboot 10.5 Greetz
  7. Hi, danke. Ich habe IPKGui auch wieder deinstalliert. Hatte auch alles per Commandozeile installiert und hat auch super funktioniert. Läuft jetzt auf "ondemand" Bin derzeit nur mit 2 WD Red 2TB unterwegs aber das reicht mir auch erstmal. Wie schaut es bei dir eigentlich mit der Geschwindigkeit von Kopier- oder Schreibvorgängen aus, bist du damit zufrieden bzw. werden deine Platten ausgereizt? Ich habe mir das Gefühl, dass es nicht ganz bis ans Ende kommt aber das mag ggf. auch am Treiber vom LAN liegen. Hast du da ggf. noch einen Optimierungsvorschlag? Grüße
  8. Bei mir will iPKGui nicht funktionieren, klappt das bei dir? Grüße
  9. Sehr gut, ich habe das gleiche Board wie du. Damit sollte ich das dann wohl auch hinbekommen. Hast du noch irgendwelche Settings einstellen müssen, nachdem du das IPGK installiert hast bzw. gab es Probleme beim Hoch- und/oder Runterfahren der Diskstation? Aber wo wir schon dabei sind... WOL geht bei dir auch nicht oder? Der Treiber unterstützt das ja nicht. Hast du dazu ggf. ne Lösung? Grüße und Danke
  10. Hi, where is the need for changing the MAC-add ? gnoboot implemented read out for the real MAC-add. BTW Quickconnect is a service which is offered by Synology. From my point if view you shuold use another DDNS-service, because the original one wouldn't work correctly - am I right community? I am using another service and everything is fine, because I couldn't authorize properly --> I didn't pay for the original system.
  11. Allright... I don't know why I missed this article on but I did. Thank you very much gnoboot! Concerning to the date of publishing there will be no update I suppose. Anyway... no problem Greetz
  12. Hi @ all, I tried to activate my WOL. For that I tried to find out whether the system recognize my NIC properly. So the last option under lspci is the NIC and as you can see the right driver is used by the DSM. But if I check my NIC with ethtool eth0 there is no point for "Wake-On". That will explain the message that ethtool -s eth0 wol g "is not supported" --> there is nothing to set. So I checked out whether the NIC is listed under cat /proc/acpi/wakeup and as you can see, it is. BUT I wonder about the missing "Sysfs node" and the status "disabled". I checked my BIOS options again and WOL is activated. My question to the community: Is it possible that the WOL doens't work because of the missing "Sysfs node" and is it possible to set this? If it is ---> How? I am not the linux or unix PRO so it would be nice to describe it a bit more in detail. Any other thoughts are very welcome @gnoboot: Can you give me a hint concerning your system or kernel? Tank you for any effort
  13. I am using a device from "Brennstuhl" which is very good and still show up very small values and I trust it. This is why I am asking. Is it possible that these messages come up even if nothing happens?
  14. Thanks. This is what i wrote in the config on the 33mb volume (/boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst) but it does not seem to work. Could you write a quick sample lst file? im trying to make it a DS1813+ instead of DS3612xs timeout 5 default 0 fallback 1 title gnoboot-alpha root (hd0,0) kernel /zImage sn=D3LIN3849 model=DS1813+ title main menu configfile (hd0,0 /boot/grub/menu.lst Hi, I was looking for the "old" parameter which was: syno_hw_version=XXXXXX ---> second post If it won't work either please ask gnoboot whether the parameter is still working in DSM 5 zImage Maybe it is also possible via the /etc/synoinfo.conf. There is the modelname set.