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  1. Solved: My problem was with the generated S/N# Copied my old S/n from 5.2 USB stick and worked like a charm. Thanks for the hard work. Also update to 6.1.4 update 2 no problem.
  2. got the loader to boot, but migration complains my image is probably corrupted. any ideas? I tried the latest 6.1.4 as well and the 6.1.3 from post #1. both same issue. I have an acer easystor which had 5.2 DSM installed/
  3. hi All, I have not touched the updates for a while now. wondering what is a stable update to go to and how should I do it? would I be able to just get the 5.2.5644 bootimg and upgrade? or shoould I update to 5.1.5055 first?
  4. nope it is not working after the data scrub. it is quite annoying. I imagine it is not DSM itself. Its prolly more of xpenology. has anyone ever have this problem from the 4.x versions? or jsut starting to appear in the 5.x?
  5. I will try again after reboot. I'm going to have to let the scrub finish first. Will report back. I did look in the log in the control panel. It did say it is successfully expanded.....so annoying Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. In XPEnoboot you don't have a boot folder. There is a config file called syslinux.cfg in the root of the USB stick where you can change the serial number and add your real nic. Once you see it it should look familiar to the strings you are used to editing in the past. This is the only file that you need to edit to apply the changes. Excellent thanks!!!
  7. hi guys. I can't seem to expand the size of my Nas Currently it has the following installed running SHR with 1 disk fault tolerance 2 x 4TB (3.64 actual) 2 x 3TB (2.73 actual) 4 x 2TB (1.82 actual) =16.28 TB One of the old 2TB drive is reporting bad sector and were remapped (it is an OLD drive...) So when a sale came abou for another 4TB WD Red, I picked one up to replace it. So I proceeded to remove the 2TB with bad sector and did a repair. Everything was good to this point and repair went successfully. After the repair, I went into storage manager and it mentioned that I can expand size to about 18598GB as expected. I proceeded to click on manage and selected Expand volume with allocated space; click apply and proceeded. The storage manager displays that it is expanding at 0.00% and looks like the task is spinning; after about one min. it goes back to the screen telling me that I can expand size to about 18598GB. I tired repeating the proceedure a few times, but no avail...any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. it worked fine for me on both my test acer aspire box for over a week. Last night I proceeded to upgrade my custom build 8bay without a hitch. so far so good. the only thing is...I can't seem to locate the "boot" dir to change the s/n. anyone else have that issue?
  9. well that kinda sucks...what does everyone think about this? Install this http://www.sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=1433 and this http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX51935 I know this is suppose to be installed in 5.2 bays, but It looks like it might be alright stand alone as well. also, any way we can request nanobo creator to include some drivers?
  10. hi all, I am at a lost here and hoping someone can help me out. I have a H340 Box running 5.0-4825 Update 2. I also have a external 4 Bay JOBD enclosure (Mediasonic Probox HF2-SU3S2 non-raid) This box is connected to my H340 via eSata on a Startech PEXESATA2 Card (Which I know it supports PMP (port Multiplier)). I also used to run a 8 bay RAID using windows 2008 R2 using the same HW. The only problem I am having problem with is that DSM can only see one of my drive from the external box. Can comeone please shed some light on this? Thank You so much!! ===== HW Links ==== Enclosure: http://www.mediasonic.ca/product.php?id=1357290977 Raid Card: http://ca.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/H ... ~PEXESATA2
  11. thanks for the advice. What about running it off the USB3 ports? apparently it shows all the drive as separate USB disks? Wondering if Xpenology would allow u to raid a bunch of USB drives?
  12. hi folks. I have another Q here. I have a spare Dell 6430 laptop here So I am wondering what is the possibility of running Xpenology on it with a eSATA JBOD enclosure with it?
  13. Hi have I am new to this and have been looking thru the site and decided to try this with my ex470 hp micro server. I have read thru many post in regards and I even went so far to building the vga adapter so I can see on a monitor. How ever every time I tory to boot off the usb I created with image writer. The machine freezes at post. Has anyone see something similar?
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