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  1. iruindegi

    removed disk, only 801,57Gb like external disk

    thanks but this is for reading the data. What I want is format the disk and have all the capacity available again
  2. Hi, I removed a 3Tb disk from my Xpenology and pluged it via usb to my computer but on PC it detects like a 750Gb (more less) disk. Do you know hoy can I recover all capacity of my disk? thanks
  3. iruindegi

    Not enough free disk space for FW upgrade

    I don´t know what to do I´m thinking formating the hole system and installing it again. I have 4 disks inside: - 320 Gb => Datastore - 5Tb, 3Tb , 2Tb => raw disks into xpenology If I format de 320Gb disk and reagregate the other disk, I supouse that I´ll lost all the data. Maybe I can try to move all the data to the 3 and 2 tb disks, remove the 5 Tb disk and plug-it like a external disk, backup al the data to the external disk and start all again but... puffffffffffffffffff
  4. iruindegi

    Not enough free disk space for FW upgrade

    I found a file: /proc/kcore it´s 161GB !!!
  5. iruindegi

    Not enough free disk space for FW upgrade

    anybody knows how to grow my / partition??
  6. iruindegi

    Not enough free disk space for FW upgrade

    maybe the problem is within plex?
  7. iruindegi

    Not enough free disk space for FW upgrade

    thi is the output DiskStation> df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/root 2.3G 2.1G 88M 97% / /tmp 500M 168K 500M 1% /tmp /run 500M 4.2M 496M 1% /run /dev/shm 500M 12K 500M 1% /dev/shm none 4.0K 0 4.0K 0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/bus/usb 476M 4.0K 476M 1% /proc/bus/usb /dev/md4 2.7T 858G 1.9T 32% /volume3 /dev/md3 4.6T 3.4T 1.2T 75% /volume2 DiskStation> I have to say that weeks ago I had a problem with xpenology and I had to reinstall it.... any clue how to resolve this issue?
  8. I´ve got this error in the control panel... what should I do?
  9. iruindegi

    Migrate VM to another datastore

    Hi, I have my current ESXI datastore on a 320Gb 7200rpm drive and now I installed a Samsung 250Gb SSD. What I want is to remove the 320Gb drive and make the new SSD drive the datastore. The installation it´s completed and I can see the new datastore on vSpehere, but hot to migrate my current VM-s to the new datastore? What I think to do is : - Shutdown the VM - Browse the datastore and move VM files to the new datasore from vSphere - Edit the VM and set the new path for files - power up and pray - repeat for each VM is it the correct and fastest why to do this? Thanks
  10. iruindegi

    SOS!! Volumen1 crashed

    Now I´m backuping all the data and then I´ll try to remove the disk. It is possible? or I have to remove the volume withing diskstation?
  11. iruindegi

    SOS!! Volumen1 crashed

    I have my microserver with 3 disks and now it says that the volumen1 has beed chrased and it´s in read only mode. This is my configuration: Volumen1 => 2Tb disk Volumen2 => 5Tb disk Volumen3 => 3Tb disk what to do? every disk is a basic volume... I need to remove the volumen1 but if do this everything will work correctly? I ask because I supouse that everything is installed on volumen1.... Any help or clue?
  12. iruindegi

    postgree not initializing

    Hi, I changed one drive from my synology and when it started I see that I was missing my Download Station on the descktop. If I go to Package control and launch it gives me an error telling that Database is upgrading, try it later. Any help? I´ve got the last OS, DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2 Update: I changed my disk because it was small and it was full. Maybe running out of space caused a problem?
  13. iruindegi

    move datastore

    hi! I´ve got an HP Gen8 with this installation: - ESXI installed on a 4Gb USB Pendrive - 320Gb (7200rpm) drive where I have my datastore and VMs - Debian. Lamp server (Port 80). Also OwnCloud (Data stored on my XPnology) - Linux Mint. Django app server. Port 8000 (Can´t use 80 because it's used by debian vm - XPnology. port 5001 And then I have some hard drive assigned to XPnology (pass throught): - 2Tb WD Green (my files, time machine... synology app-s are installed there) - 3Tb WD Red (Downloads, movies, tv shows...) Now I bought a WD 5Tb disk and I want to rebuild my set up. I was thinking removing the 320Gb drive, witch is the noisiest. Removing this drive, I need a new datastore.. witch disk should I use? the 5tb disk? or Is it worth buying a SSD? would I see any improvement? Anyway, how should I procceed to remove my current datastore and move everything to the new without any data lost? Any help or advice?
  14. iruindegi

    Que disco comprar?

    Buenas, Tengo un Microserver Hp Gen 8 con el Esxi en un Pendrive, un disco duro seagate de 320Gb para datastore y luego un Wester Digital Green de 2Tb para el XPenology que ya lo tengo al 97%. La idea es comprar otro disco duro, ¿Pero cual? He leido sobre los WD Green, WD Red, WD Nas Red, Hitachi.... ¿Alguna recomendación? Gracias de antemano