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  1. I just upgraded my proxmox to version 7, other VMs are ok but xpenology is not working. I see this on the console: No bootable device. Retrying in 1 seconds. And it gets stuck there. Any help?
  2. thanks but this is for reading the data. What I want is format the disk and have all the capacity available again
  3. Hi, I removed a 3Tb disk from my Xpenology and pluged it via usb to my computer but on PC it detects like a 750Gb (more less) disk. Do you know hoy can I recover all capacity of my disk? thanks
  4. I don´t know what to do I´m thinking formating the hole system and installing it again. I have 4 disks inside: - 320 Gb => Datastore - 5Tb, 3Tb , 2Tb => raw disks into xpenology If I format de 320Gb disk and reagregate the other disk, I supouse that I´ll lost all the data. Maybe I can try to move all the data to the 3 and 2 tb disks, remove the 5 Tb disk and plug-it like a external disk, backup al the data to the external disk and start all again but... puffffffffffffffffff
  5. I found a file: /proc/kcore it´s 161GB !!!
  6. anybody knows how to grow my / partition??
  7. thi is the output DiskStation> df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/root 2.3G 2.1G 88M 97% / /tmp 500M 168K 500M 1% /tmp /run 500M 4.2M 496M 1% /run /dev/shm 500M 12K 500M 1% /dev/shm none 4.0K 0 4.0K 0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/bus/usb 476M 4.0K 476M 1% /proc/bus/usb /dev/md4 2.7T 858G 1.9T 32% /volume3 /dev/md3 4.6T 3.4T 1.2T 75% /volume2 DiskStation> I have to say that weeks ago I had a problem with xpenology and I had to reinstall it.... any clue how to r
  8. I´ve got this error in the control panel... what should I do?
  9. Hi, I have my current ESXI datastore on a 320Gb 7200rpm drive and now I installed a Samsung 250Gb SSD. What I want is to remove the 320Gb drive and make the new SSD drive the datastore. The installation it´s completed and I can see the new datastore on vSpehere, but hot to migrate my current VM-s to the new datastore? What I think to do is : - Shutdown the VM - Browse the datastore and move VM files to the new datasore from vSphere - Edit the VM and set the new path for files - power up and pray - repeat for each VM is it the correct and fastest why to do this? Thanks
  10. Now I´m backuping all the data and then I´ll try to remove the disk. It is possible? or I have to remove the volume withing diskstation?
  11. I have my microserver with 3 disks and now it says that the volumen1 has beed chrased and it´s in read only mode. This is my configuration: Volumen1 => 2Tb disk Volumen2 => 5Tb disk Volumen3 => 3Tb disk what to do? every disk is a basic volume... I need to remove the volumen1 but if do this everything will work correctly? I ask because I supouse that everything is installed on volumen1.... Any help or clue?
  12. Hi, I changed one drive from my synology and when it started I see that I was missing my Download Station on the descktop. If I go to Package control and launch it gives me an error telling that Database is upgrading, try it later. Any help? I´ve got the last OS, DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2 Update: I changed my disk because it was small and it was full. Maybe running out of space caused a problem?
  13. hi! I´ve got an HP Gen8 with this installation: - ESXI installed on a 4Gb USB Pendrive - 320Gb (7200rpm) drive where I have my datastore and VMs - Debian. Lamp server (Port 80). Also OwnCloud (Data stored on my XPnology) - Linux Mint. Django app server. Port 8000 (Can´t use 80 because it's used by debian vm - XPnology. port 5001 And then I have some hard drive assigned to XPnology (pass throught): - 2Tb WD Green (my files, time machine... synology app-s are installed there) - 3Tb WD Red (Downloads, movies, tv shows...) Now I bought a WD 5Tb disk and I want to rebuil