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Hi everyone. I'm an IT consultant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am wanting to install XPenology on a fileserver with 4 TB disks, so as to provide my client with more space for their files.

They now have a Synology DS416slim, and probably will buy another NAS next year (this time, a big one). But for now, I want to give them more space, and don't want to use FreeNAS or other solutions.

I am new here, and will try and get the needed information for preparing the pen drive with XPenology.


Thanks for your help!


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Hello guys!

My name is Ferid. I'm an IT specialist, specializing in fiscal devices in Bulgaria, im NAS newbie at all. I have HP MS Gen8, ive tried several free NAS OS's but xpenology's "Synology" is very good, and user friendly, i'm fascinated! I'm using my "Xpenology" with two volumes (2x1TB and 2x2TB, RAID1), one for media server, other one for media backup and synchronizing mobile devices (photos, videos).

I want to thank all of the devs here, people keep up the good work!

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Hi guys,

My name is Dan, i was in IT since 2001 during college until 2011 when i jumped ship into creative industry. now i shoot videos/photos, designs, make simple web for clients in my country (i own a humble, little company here).

i'm in desperate need of a NAS solution for all the datas from the DSLR & broadcast camera. every week for sure we have at least 70GB of new data, 95% of it is videos. some weeks we'll have at least 120GB new data.

my backup was to manually copy all the files into an external drive using a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 plug. (crazy, ikr?!)

i've experience data loss from HDD crash, and would like to avoid it at all cost, that's why i decided to use NAS. and believe it or not, right that day i decided to use NAS, i've got an invitation from Synology in my country to attend their product update. they introduce the DSM 6.2 and the new 18 series (DS218+, DS718+ and DS918+) as well as their High Availability features. i thought to myself this DSM bundle is so good, easy to use and complete that i had to compare their product to competitors. so i lurk in the web and found other NAS product, and just found out that FreeNAS is actually just an OS that runs the NAS, unlike QNAP, BUFFALO, etc. and i think to myself, heck, if there is a FreeNAS OS, can i install the DSM 6.2 in other hardware? that's when i found this XPEnology. so i'm a complete noob here.

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I posted already multiple times, hence I figured it is about time to introduce myself ;-)

I am a Computer Science student in Germany and apparently a tech and networking interested person.

After using a Synology Diskstation for a couple of months now, I wanted to expand my homelab with a more capable machine as an actual server. Therefore, I was looking into server hardware for a couple of weeks and asked colleagues of mine for their opinion, which let my to buy a HPE Microserver Gen8 and some WD NAS drives (see my signature). Since I had good experience with Synology's DSM on my Diskstation and some successful tests in virtual machines, I wanted to install Xpenology on the new server.


Then the issues started to arise, so here I am.

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I am a middle school student in northeastern China. Last year I've built up a NAS with J3455ITX from Asrock to provide some home server functions, like download  torrents from private trackers (for my home theater)backup family album, using openmediavault. Have 2tb WD Green x1, 4tb HGST x1 in total. Recently, I have obtained a OneDrive account with 1TB capacity. After some research , I decided to immigrate to DSM for the Cloud Sync ,PhotoStation and other features.

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Hi lads,

Joseps here, running a DS3617xs DSM 6.1.4- 15217 Update 5, Jun´s 1.02b loader, on an 8 disks baremetal setup (Asus E2KM1i deluxe + Syba Marvell 88SE9215 ). I´ve just created the account to report my outcome in the last critical update.


Great forum for a great software. Cheers!

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Hello everyone, 


I was recently introduced to this community by another member, pastrychef. I was initially looking for a solution to keep my files safely stored in one area, regardless if I was traveling or home. I then learned that NAS could be used for this as well as a media server among many other things. I'm now just starting to do my homework on NAS and how to build one as I'm entirely new to this type of system. I recently built a hackintosh thanks to pastrychef's help and NAS will be my next project. 

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Hi I am Erik,


working in IT for many years (in management) and love to play with technology (mainly at home).


I am since 2015 a big Synology supporter and use a DS415, DS216play and a DS115 for business and private use.

After starting using these NAS devices i could get rid of many "hard disks of the past".


And next to that I recently installed Xpenology on an quite old (2010)-  but still working very well - Dell Laptop E6400 (4Gb, Intel I3)  with 2 x 1Tb disks inside, installation went easy and the result is perfect! I use Xpenology mainly for test purposes so i can free up my DS115 for other use..

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5 hours ago, Alan Sh said:

Hi - I'm Alan from the UK. I've been using real synology boxes since 2012 and have just found this forum


I wasn't even aware we could build our own. Sounds like fun - but where do I start?




Welcome. Start by reading the FAQs. This should give you a pretty good idea of how all is done.

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Je m'appelle Nicolas, j'ai 27 ans, je suis passioné d'informatique.

je suis de France, J'espère pourvoir apporter mon aide sur le forum. Je n'ai pas peur de tester de nouvelles choses.






My name is Nicolas, I am 27 years old, I am passionate about computer science.

I am from France, I hope to provide my help on the forum. I am not afraid to test new things.


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Hi all


figured I should probably also post here as I've posted and chatted to some of the guys in other threads.


George here, from alberton in South Africa.


Using a NetGear ReadyNAS 102 at the moment, as a document/mp3 and Plex Media server.


In the process (placed the last parts order this morning) to build a XPenology, onto which all my various external drives data will be copied, including all the data residing on the ReadyNAS at the moment. Hopefully be done some time next week.


CPU: Intel i5 7400

MB: Gigabyte+GA-B250M-D3H


SSD: 1 x 128GB M.2 SSD as a /volume1 for Package installs and as a Plex cache location.

HDD: 6 x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf HDD's configured with SHR/BTRFS /volume2

PSU: corsair-rmx-cp-9020090-550w 

USB: 3216-adata-dashdrive-uv150-32gb-usb30-black (nice USB3 stick to go into a USB 3.0 port)

Current case: 1871-cooler-master-n400-midi-tower-black-atx


Going into a cheap M-ATX case for now, capable of handling the 6 x 3.5 inch drives, will be rebuild into a Fractal Design Node 804 case as soon as I can.



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