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  1. so configured the auto power off and power on, and initially did not see a change in my house power graphs... thought damm it did not work, circuit is still drawing 250watt... with some deeper digging discovered usage on circuit dropped from 250watt -> 190watt, so all that's left on there is my Edge router, my Unifi USG and a 24 port 1G TP-Link switch. bummer, if this was my NAS it was so much easier, with it being one of these others it def complicates things. G
  2. curious... if turn off, how does it know to turn on? or does it more go into a deep sleep mode. G
  3. Hi guys Every evening my station is used up to about 21:30... at which point veryone goes to bed, next use might be early morning, otherwise only at about 16:00 again, have noticed my NAS constantly uses 200watt and well this is a serious punch when we're running of the solar panels or even in the evening after everyone has gone to beed and the house runs of the Inverter Batteries. Is there any way Xpenology can spin the drives down, using Ironwolf drives. G
  4. Well hope once it becomes more GA and not development work in progress someone else might writ their experience up, I've never done a upgrade so don't know what I don't know, what/how to even start the process so taking it very slow at the moment looking around for the general how to steps. G
  5. hmm IG-88, looking at your response... I'm thinking it is actually better to wait at the moment still, this is my primary media storage and document/photos and music, not going to take a chance. Can I suggest that when it is in a better state that a dedicated upgrade thread be created. G ..
  6. Hi all, I'm looking but not seeing ("ye calling myself idiot here" ) the guide on what/how to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2 and what I understands also then requires a Loader upgrade from 1.02 -> 1.03, Can anyone point me to the how to, where's the document, tried posting in tutorial, but post is not getting approved so trying here. seriously don't want to brick my system, G
  7. ... I'm back... Problem was with the MB Bios going into a I don'\t like something, tell me what to do freeze, once I got past that then the loader kicked in launching me to DSM 6.1.7-15284 we can close this thread G
  8. Ok, Got a problem. Downloaded the update (as my NAS said was available) and just applied (did not make note of the update number), It's gone, can't find the NAS using Sonology manager... What do I do ? G
  9. Thinking I have 1 point I have to rewire to 1Gb, my WifiAP point to my switch, which is 100Mbit atm, probably leave the others at 100Mbit for now I'm not worried about streaming from outside my network, it's the inside from my Media server thats taxing the network. G
  10. Problem is Cat 5 and cat5E. some of this is not to long runs. and I got conduit in the walls. mostly labour and some swearing needed. My original design for for as much as possible to use WiFi and only when I need high bandwidth to hard wire into the router... and now discovered that my hard wire points are running slower than what my Wifi CAN... if it was hardwired at 1Gb instead of the current 100Mb. G
  11. so summarising 2 parts here, changing the MAC address and the Synology S/N after install have no negative impact. I'm still using (going to use to lab things before doing it on the bare metal build) my VM with the default MAC, so need to change this one so that it does not conflict with my Bare metal build now. Do I have to change the S/N? or can I leave it as is in the supplied synoboot.img G
  12. George

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    did not use a custom ramdisk, only changed the pid and vid so assume thats all I have to do again with a new usb/loader. G
  13. George

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    do we have a HowTo thread that covers this ? G
  14. George

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Current build/last night: DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha + DSM_DS3615xs_15254.pat (DO NEED TO DOUBLE CHECK THIS, sure I remember downloading the b loader, but now see the alpa version in download directory, from where I would have used it) Thinking I should #!upgrade to the V1.02-b loader or wait for the quicknic loader as I'm going to need it anyhow due to HDD count. G