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  1. if you have an original synology NAS, why would you want to install it using xpenology? sorry i'm a complete noob. i thought xpenology is:
  2. that's actually pretty awesome! care to share some 'how to'?
  3. Thank you very much, that is very enlightening. I was just about to buy the AM4 Bristol Ridge. I was searching the best value combination of brand new motherboard+cpu that will run the xpenology, thats how i got the idea using AM4 socket. Do you have any recommendations what i should use? Intel cpu, brand new, lowest price possible. Sent from my ASUS_Z017DB using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys, My name is Dan, i was in IT since 2001 during college until 2011 when i jumped ship into creative industry. now i shoot videos/photos, designs, make simple web for clients in my country (i own a humble, little company here). i'm in desperate need of a NAS solution for all the datas from the DSLR & broadcast camera. every week for sure we have at least 70GB of new data, 95% of it is videos. some weeks we'll have at least 120GB new data. my backup was to manually copy all the files into an external drive using a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 plug. (crazy, ikr?!) i've experience data loss from HDD crash, and would like to avoid it at all cost, that's why i decided to use NAS. and believe it or not, right that day i decided to use NAS, i've got an invitation from Synology in my country to attend their product update. they introduce the DSM 6.2 and the new 18 series (DS218+, DS718+ and DS918+) as well as their High Availability features. i thought to myself this DSM bundle is so good, easy to use and complete that i had to compare their product to competitors. so i lurk in the web and found other NAS product, and just found out that FreeNAS is actually just an OS that runs the NAS, unlike QNAP, BUFFALO, etc. and i think to myself, heck, if there is a FreeNAS OS, can i install the DSM 6.2 in other hardware? that's when i found this XPEnology. so i'm a complete noob here.
  5. hi, thanks for the fast response. since my first computer in 2001, i actually never use AMD platform. but i really think that the AM4 socket is really nice and has wide range of usage. i backup manually, yes, that would be like 2 days to copy all the files in my mac (usb 2.0) to the blank external drive. this has been going on for years, until this week, i just couldn't take it anymore. this is going to be my first ever NAS build. i'm a complete noob, do you think i can do it with AMD platform? or just to be in the safe side, shouldn't i just go with the blue team? so i've been lurking around and found some interesting info in the Emby forum. can i post the link here? please delete the link if it's against any rules that i'm not aware of. what encourage me a bit was someone has install DSM 6.1 in Ryzen 1600 + X370 combo (but this setup is way too expensive for my pocket right now). X370 shouldn't be so much different with B350. i dont like to fail because of the hardware incompatibility, i'm thinking real hard. LOL. can you point me to the direction where i can see the list of features/protocols that the Synology DSM that being use from the CPU features? my thinking is i want to check what features from the intel CPU is being used by the Synology DSM and compare them with the bristol ridge i want to use. will that work? again, sorry if i'm asking too much silly question for you.
  6. hello all, first of all, i would like to express how grateful and much appreciated all of your great hard works that you made this available for us for free. i've read and watch so many videos & articles saying Synology's DSN (some says it's sleeker & more user friendly & features-rich than FreeNAS) is great and i'm really interested to build mine with AMD AM4 socket, "Bristol Ridge" A8-9600. i really love the AM4 socket, if one day i decided to make use my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 - supports NVMe/PCIe x4 32Gbps) for desktop use, i can just swap the CPU with higher end ones like Ryzen 5 or 7 series, add some GPU and add more RAMs. The reason i choose A8-9600 is that it's cheap and perform better (in cpubenchmark.net) than the Celeron J3455 that is in the DS918+. so, can i use AM4 A8-9600 for the xpenology? thanks for your support. Best wishes, Z
  7. Is there any update on this matter? Really interesting reading. Last week i attended their product update (i live in SEA), and they were really proud of their DSM 6.2 and 18series product (218, 718+, 918+, etc..) i just wish i had read this last week, that would be awesome cos i can ask questions about this to their face, while there's tons of media in the same room.