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  1. Oh, I agree with your arrangement after reading the conditions. However, just in my own opinion, it is also not appropriate to use Ryzen to build servers. A Xeon E3 or E5 from the obsolete servers in data centers will be just enough. These CPUS are generally not outdated nevertheless. (Since data centers often update their HW in 3 or 4 years. They are also in good conditions since CPUS hardly damage. The price of them is also very nice because of the huge number of them. For instance, I just searched in a online shopping website. There sellers sell E5 2680v2 (10C20T TDP 125W)for roughly $150 and sell E3 1275L v3 (TDP 45W 4C8T) for $100. (It's another form of recycle, it isn't?😜)Brandnew motherboards from reputable manufacturers are not much higher, too. I'm considering about build another NAS with them, after passing the National College Entrance Exam in June this year.
  2. Hi, Rehtori Just a reminder, as a server running for 7*24, the Mac Pro will consume much more electricity than a typical NAS. It seems not quite friendly to the environment.
  3. Hi, I am a middle school student in northeastern China. Last year I've built up a NAS with J3455ITX from Asrock to provide some home server functions, like download torrents from private trackers (for my home theater)backup family album, using openmediavault. Have 2tb WD Green x1, 4tb HGST x1 in total. Recently, I have obtained a OneDrive account with 1TB capacity. After some research , I decided to immigrate to DSM for the Cloud Sync ,PhotoStation and other features.