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Hi @ThorGroup :)


cf. your GH:

"If you're running SATA-based boot you can skip vid and pid fields (just remove them)"


Does that mean the loader can be on a sATA drive rather than a USB dongle?

If yes, I guess the rest (99%) of the capacity of this drive would be lost/unusable, right?


Could the loader be on a RAID1 array in order to circumvent HW failure? ( I understand this would be a whole lot of waste if the capacity of the drives would bec useless).




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Sata option is typically meant for VM install (proxmox or ESXI etc). It will be a lot of wasted disk if you want to boot like that on bare metal. Nothing else can be on that SATA disk.


Not sure if RAID of the boot disk is even worth it - you can just backup the image and start from a new USB drive or dis, if the current one fails. Actual data and synology system partition will already be part of your data disks (should be RAID, to sustain disk failures) and it will boot up with nothing lost with the new USB.

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