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  1. For anyone looking for a tutorial, I point you to this post from @apriliars3. This is the closest your will get on a step by step and helps you setup the linux build machine (what libraries and packages are needed). There are multiple GH forks of the main repo from @ThorGroup. I am a fairly experienced developer (having done coding for better part of 20+ years including messing around heavily with docker and several other framework). In spite of that, I couldn't get any of the forks to work and spent better part of 2 weeks to recover everything without data loss (had a backup but s
  2. Another option is to check your router o see if IP was issued. That was the case for me - assistant couldn’t find but I was able to get to it through the IP address (IP:5000).
  3. are you building it natively in Mac or a VMware / virtual box linux image running on Mac? To my knowledge, there are some other linux packages needed to build with the tool chain and I don't think it can be built natively on Mac. Specifically on this error, you can look at Stack overflow. Seems more to do with GitHub is not reachable (on that stack overflow, recommendation is to use the google DNS server but it's likely that your ISP or DNS provider is blocking access to git?)
  4. Same situation and works for me as well. @havast, can you translate your error to english? What does it actually complain about?
  5. You are right, last time, I think the repo was taken down. Last commit on the GitHub repo by TTG was more than a month ago (shared by @WiteWulf). But, given that the repo is still there, it's unlikely due to legal action. Maybe due to some personal issues with TTG and I do hope they aren't severely impacted with anything. Wish them the best to resolve those issues quickly.
  6. Given almost a week since this thread started and no response from @ThorGroup, I am worried if Synology again silenced them. That will be be tragic. hope they answer soon at least to update their status.
  7. Sata option is typically meant for VM install (proxmox or ESXI etc). It will be a lot of wasted disk if you want to boot like that on bare metal. Nothing else can be on that SATA disk. Not sure if RAID of the boot disk is even worth it - you can just backup the image and start from a new USB drive or dis, if the current one fails. Actual data and synology system partition will already be part of your data disks (should be RAID, to sustain disk failures) and it will boot up with nothing lost with the new USB.
  8. Can you try with DiskIdxMap of 1000 and SataPortMap of 1?
  9. Cables can go bad but that's still a rare case. Just to rule out any other issues - if you connect the WD drive to the same broken cable, are you still having issues? Or the other way around, connecting Seagate to good cable and making sure it work?
  10. If your PSU is newer, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it is older (5+ years), you would be surprised how their output drops and not enough depending on the number of things you have going on. you mention about the upgrade. How did you go about upgrading redpill? Did you build a new image or upgraded from synology control panel?
  11. @chrram, there are reasons why nobody can share images. This is also very early development oriented project at the moment - meaning, meant for developers as you need to comfortable building and messing around with the config files etc and being able to debug any issues you will run into. If you are up for it, everything you need was shared just couple posted earlier by @r27 (I have quoted his post below for you). This is all that you should need and since it's meant for devs, there aren't many detailed tutorials - things are still trial and error, based on ones unique hardware se
  12. Thank you @r27. I had been struggling all along (several weeks, multiple failures - learnt to repair Btrfs etc along the way - not all lost) and I was able to get going with your instructions. I was able to upgrade my 6 raid 6.2 ESXI install to 7.0.1. Everything is fine except my system is showing volume degraded because it's not detecting Drive 1 (same as your case). Regardless of what we do, looks like DiskIdxMap is not handled by the redpill loader ( @Orphée has a ticket open to that effect). For now, I will try to move my Sata cables around, so my drive 1 becomes drive 7 which
  13. wasn't there a break between their previous post (when they answered a lot of questions) and the one before? I am hoping this is due to @ThorGroup being occupied with other things.
  14. I am not familiar with SaS, hope someone that tried redpill with Sas disks before can help you further. I also noticed that you included both bromolow and apollo configs. Which one are you building? I notice both mac1 and serial are xxxxxx... wanted to make sure that because you masked it for uploading and you have updated the default files with the actual serial number and mac in your local copy that you are using for building.
  15. Thank you. Global config is generic but can you also share the bromolow or Apollo user config as well? (please take out the serial number). Also, can you explain the Sas part of the comment? Are these SATA disks or Sas ?