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Trantor XPEnology DSM 5.0 Release ? Help...


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I still using Trantors Xpenology Release 4.3....I'm very happy with it.

But unfortunately there are some security holes


Will there be a Xpenology DSM 5.0 Release from Trantor in the near future ?

Now many User go to gnoboot ....??

But already the gnoboot homepage does not look very trusting to me.

Also gnoboot is still in alpha... I'm very confused. Is gnoboot safe ?



What is the future of XPEnology....? What should I do ?

Stay on the 4.3 XPEnology Version and wait for your release of DSM 5 ? How long will that take?

Or migrate to gnoboot ?

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Very good questions! I'd also like to get a bearing on this.

Let me first begin with saying that this is not me complaining. It's just a pragmatic assessment of the situation...


It's sad that there are so serious security holes in the 4.3 release (thanks to Synology). I'd really like to make full use of the system and not just handle local storage.


This forum is lacking the usual pinned info posts as found on other communities and I'm sure that some of @sporti's questions can be found after hours of browsing the posts. We all know that forum search engines, if it's even any idea to call it that? leaves much to be desired. I wish that I could help with the forum but in this case I'm just a user that relies on the strength of this community for help. Linux is not my forte...


I'd say that @Trantor's work is pure magic! After I found this forum, I bought an HP N54L and a full load of HD's and it works just beautifully! Besides from the security issue :sad:

I would bet that @trantor does this on his limited free time and therefore we, the users of his great work cannot do much more than pray that he get's a little more time to release the 5.0 version a month from now? or even two, three months maybe? For me it is important that the release is reliable.


This is the very typical scenario with open source and community software. We can't really make any demands as users and sometimes the author just looses interest when angry/dissatisfied users continue to hassle him etc.


I have always thought that the simple solution is for the author to take donations. This will probably not enable him to magically produce more hours out of one day, but it will certainly motivate him, and the users that have donated have "a right" to put a little pressure on him :wink:


I for one would GLADLY donate money to @trantor for his continued work, because of the simple fact that HIS work have saved me lots of money. I could of course have bought another synology made hardware, but their hardware is just MUCH too overpriced compared to the performance.


@trantor! Please let us donate to you for your fine work! A rough release plan for the 5.0 version would help too :smile:


Now, I'm not rich, but I'm not that guy that strongly believes that all software should be free, either. That is just (as history tells us) an impossible concept. If we all donated what we could, from 5 to 50+ USD I'm sure that @trantor would gain a new found encouragement and appreciation for his work! I cannot believe that any of us can't afford at least a quick paypal transfer! Right?!

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DSM 4.3-3827 build fix the security holes.


Yes this forum is a mess, but I'm not the main admin, I can't optimize it.


During one day I set up a paypal account for donation, it was hacked the same day...

I only do it for fun and sharing, not for money.


Before working on DSM 5.0:

- I just finished my updated ESXi build (DSM 4.3-3827) this week-end.

- Done some download server maintenance.

- I'm currently finalizing beta 8 which add support for sound, bluetooth, wifi and maybe dvb.


Yes DSM 5.0 is a "big" update, but it doesn't add amazing new features, "just" refresh the UI.

I know you guys out there like the Up to Date way but in IT this is more If It Works, Don't Touch It ^^


So YES I will of course work on DSM 5.0, but when I will found time for it.

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Thank you very, very much for your answer Trantor - so I will waiting for your version :wink:


Currently I still use the version 4.3 3810 v4. That is last official Update for the Main Release of

DSM 4.3 build 3810++ (repack v1.0), or ? The 4.3-3827 is still beta or is there a final Version of the

4.3 3827 DSM XPEnology Version ? I need a stable and final version for my data NAS :smile:

I hope there will be a easy Update Path to the 4.3-3827 from my 4.3 3810 v4 without

loosing Data or Settings...

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@Dfds and @Poechi, 3827 is not on the stable release list, so that's a no go for me.

In the search for a solution and upgrade for the security hole, I read a few threads and frankly, the process felt just too shaky for my taste, as I have 18 TB of live data that I'd like to keep. There's no way for me to follow the backup-your-data-first-suggestions as I don't have another 18 TB and about a weeks worth of time to backup to...


@Trantor, sorry to hear about your paypal-mishap :sad: I for one do not really care about the 5.0 version at this early stage. We all know that Synology will have to release lots of small updates to root out bugs in the coming months. I'm a recovering version upgrade junkie! :grin: ..and have learned from other early adopter situations :smile: I agree with @sporti and would rather see another stable release from the the 4.3 strain as you already are working on :smile: Preferably a release that will update the 4.3.3810 without any fuss :smile: Keep up the good work @Trantor!!


Well, all forums can't be as well structured as for instance xda-developers.com, but we all do this on our spare time and maybe the forum supermod can't find the hours as well?


I'm looking forward to the next 4.3 release and in the meantime I would appreciate any tips on how to make sure that my 3810 doesn't get hacked... For now, I don't have any port settings to the machine from my router and maybe that's enough?? I do have Plex running...

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i agree that a stable system is more important then the latest version...


currently i run at my original DS-1812+ the last 4.3 version (18TB available space only for backup)


as my "new" main storage i set up a 16bay chassis which i currently have about 25 TB available space (in several volumes)

here i run the last Beta7 HBA version, as it provided the drivers i needed.

in my test/desaster recovey systen (hp ml310) therefore is also on last Beta 7....


I would surely donate to trantor as HIS wok saved me lots of money... but still...better have a stable version then the latest one...

also let us think what do we use the system for? for me it's only storage...and of course not reachable from internet....

so my suggestion to trantor is, that he continues with his great work...and if we get the 5 release so be it....


for all who can't wait....as far as i could read...the gnooboot could be your solution...you just need to read a lot first..

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I am still waiting for the Trantor's Main/Stable Release of XPEnology DSM 4.3-3827

I hope very, very much he will soon find some time to finish the version...


I get what you're saying regards wanting a stable version but personally I wouldn't class Trantor's beta as an unstable release. I have been using beta7 for a while and it's rock solid. Beyond the fact that the beta brings you up to the latest official 4.3 build it also allows you to apply the official minor patches which improves security. The driver support is also much better with Bluetooth and wifi etc.


If you or anyone else want to go for it get the latest beta build here I doubt you will be disappointed.

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