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  1. Perfekt !!! Hat funktioniert - Vielen, vielen Dank!!!!
  2. Hab ein ähnliches Problem: Nach dem Update 4 hängt der Server auch nach dem X-ten Reboot immer an der Stelle "Checking upgrade file".....? Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben ? Bin echt ratlos ????
  3. Hallo, hat mir evt. jemand eine Empfehlung einer internen USB 3.0 Karte die mit Nanoboot unter DSM 5 in einem N54L problemlos funktioniert und erkannt wird ?
  4. Which internal usb 3.0 card can i use in my n54l with nano boot ? Anybody who is using a internal Wifi Card or USB Wifi Dongle with Nanoboot? Is it possible, any recommendations ??
  5. It seems for me that the Future of XPEnology/Nanoboot/Gnoboot probably looks dark... -> Website is down/infected for many Days now -> Is Nanoboot still in development ...?? You hear nothing from nanoboot -> No new XPEnology Version from Trantor for a long time-> Is XPenology still in development ...?? Any News from Trantor ? -> No new Version from gnoboot for a long time... same Question here.....No News/Reaction from gnoboot. Is there any development ? Is there any chance that the projects lives on....otherwise it would be a real shame @Trantor @
  6. Has anybody else a Problem like yabba235 with Nanoboot....?? This is very strange...????? @yabba235 Think of the Hardbleed bug in DSM 5.... ... 08&t=84383
  7. sure, but from which version do you come ? maybe your system was hacked some time ago ?? and i think you are using a ready nas pro system with some differences, additional installed software like perl, or ??
  8. Look here: ... rabilities Same Problem with Port 5001... or here: ... ology.html ... -2013-6955 It is/was EXTREMLY dangerous to connect any Syno Device to the Internet without the actual DSM Patches. There are so many Security Holes in the past Releases of DSM.
  9. Are you sure that is a Nanoboot Problem ?? I think that isn't from Nanoboot, i think your System was hacked. It seems that is the classic Syno Hack Problem, because there were several security holes in the last Releases...
  10. Can anybody else confirm that ????? i can't´t find the two files.... where can i found the wget log ?
  11. I use a Supermicro Board...with Nanoboot 64bit every Boot Bios reset... With the Nanoboot 32bit Version everything works fine without any Bios reset....
  12. Try to use the 32bit Nanoboot Version.... With this Version i have no moreBios Resets
  13. Is the Update 2 possible direct without using the known Scipt ("sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' / > /autoupd@te.info1 mv /autoupd@te.info1 / ")??????