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    Trantor DSM 5.0-4418 (BETA) to Gnoboot DSM5 update 2

    I've also migrated from 4.3 to 5.0 but noticed a few issues: My shares lost their rights / not visibile in file browser IP config is lost SAB/Couch etc. still work I can't get the ODD drive to work (raid failure at this moment) I;ve edited the config files : type “vi /etc/synoinfo.conf” press “I” then type the lines below. esataportcfg=0x30 internalportcfg=0xf usbportcfg=0x1FC0 But where do I put the new lines? at the top?
  2. wimox

    Trantor XPEnology DSM 5.0 Release ? Help...

    Trantor, If you send me your paypall ID i'll gladly transfer a donation
  3. Which S1155 motherboard is the best option? Is there a fully compatible motherboard? Should I go with the B75 of Z77 chipset? And is the E1000 the same as the PRO 1000? I have an old PCI Pro 1000GT here..