J3455 hardware acceleration for H265?

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Hi guys i have a question, right now I have a GA-J3455N-D3H + 4gb of ram with the 916+ loader and the 916+ image "DSM 6.1.5-15254".


The processor is seen as a n3710 and plex can not take advantage of the hardware acceleration. Do you have any advice for my problem? I'd like to be able to transcode the h265 files at least in fullhd ...


I'm using plex not the package center but the latest version.


I apologize for the bad English but google translate has done much of the work

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Ok, thank you very much for the information.


We hope that "god" jun will make us the 918 loader : P


unfortunately as long as it does not handle the hardware well I used windows 10, as a media server I see it better and it is compatible with everything.

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