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  1. Dear all! Thanks a lot for the command lines I've used those command line and it solves my issue to add synocommunity package to package center sudo -i mv /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt.bak1 curl -Lko /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt curl -k "" >> /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt then I reboot syno-letsencrypt renew-all (last command did not provide (as before) any error line I hope let'sencrypt certificate will up
  2. Dear all afterfurther test, SMB performance are still too bad to use DS918+ pat file. So as now I have intel nic card I use 1.03b and DS3617xs pat file. performance are very good, but dev/dri do not show anything so I don't have HW transcoding (never used anyway before) I've used during last test extra 0.11.2.test but i have me warning message (DSM can't repair it self) on clean install so before migrating I'm reinstalling for test a 1.03 without additionnal extra (stock 1.03b) I will come back in few hours or days to inform you how it works
  3. Dear I found a solution. smb and cpu speed are now good with lastest xpenology buy an intel NIC card pcie 2.0 + a M.2 adaptator key E (or E+A) to PCIE use bios version 1.3 (to downgrade use afudos and command " afudos APLITX1.30 /X /B /P /N " in bios disable C1E,enable speedstep, v-t and wlan + blutooth, disable other (soundcard, nic card...) 512mb for integrated video card use 1.04b loader + extra 0.13.3 from IGG "" in grub file change vid pid and change to 2 netif line add 2 mac address and SN change
  4. Dear Xpenology user! I'm use to upgrade every about 3years my Xpneolgy NAS. I've first own a N40L and now I own a J3455-ITX board (bios 1.8 (last) with an additionnal sata card I'm actually doing many test before migrating my DS916+ DSM6.1.7 to 6.2 branch (6 SATA HDD) Best results I can get is with 6.2.2 DS918+ (dev/dri present and activation.conf populate) But: before migrating I've tested fresh install 6.1.7 with 1.02b bootloader on a formated HDD and I can get a writting of 4 Go in about 1min 15 on samba (sounds correct)
  5. Bonjour A tout hasard as tu réussi à faire fonctionner le transcodage matériel? Je cherche à faire fonctionner le décodage sur plex et ds photo. Il y a 1.5ans j'ai fait des tentatives mais je suis finalement resté en 6.1.7 As tu une carte additionnelles (genre SATA ou réseau par ex?) En tout cas merci pour tes pistes
  6. Plex and emby offers trial period. This is usually enough to do test before buying premiere/pass I've bought Plex pass for lifetime at about 75€. I think it's a good deal for such a good software. It add also DVR with a cheap dvbt usb tuner. Plex makes this offer by email after trial period.
  7. @wangweitung If your dev/dri populate has you indicate, hw transcoding should work...please try Emby software to make a try For xpenology user there is a special spk depending on HW in the tutoral follow: XPEnology users, please use and make sure you take a look at the XPEnology Users Read Me. I've made many tries last year whitout success to populate dev/dri... i guess i didn't make enough test ;-D because you were able to do
  8. Dear @crazi, Do you have an intel NIC card or do you use onboard one? I've made many test in december without succes with onboard NIC card? my PCI port is used with a 2 sata part card regards,
  9. Great If dev/dri folder is created Plex should hw transcode. Please could you share dsm version and bios parameter ? Do you have additional card installed? Which j3455 motherboard do you have?
  10. Dear @kevingu Could you share the log here? Maybe @Polanskiman or @jun could have a look and find out why in our case i915 driver do not work. I tried my self to compile a different i915 driver but building tool include same i915 driver so I gave up. My skills are too low to go further...
  11. Dear I would be very interested if you find a way. I made lot of tests in December without success. My PCI is used with a sata additional port so I can't add a Intel nic card. Regards
  12. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.02b - DS916+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - ASRock J3455-ITX, SATA Asmedia card - Additional comments: REBOOT REQUIRED
  13. Dear @stefauresi, I made a test before migrating my server, using a small HDD using loader 1.04b and SN/mac from a DS418+ (that I own) I can't get HW transcode under DS video or Plex (with plex pass). note that DSM 6.2 is very long too boot compared to previous version. I guess you're able to transcode because you've jumped to 6.2.1 If you have any idea why it doesn't work for me ? thanks for your help
  14. Dear @stefauresi i've just realized that I shoud be able to upgrade to DS918+ if I stay at 6.2 (not 6.2.1) do you think it could help me to obtain HW transcode ? Did you try with DSM 6.2-23739 before 6.2.1? regards,
  15. Dear stefauresi I've readen that you HW transcode with plex. I'm under DS916+ 6.1.7 u2 with a J3455 processor (Asustek J3455-ITX motherboard) 5 HDD 2TB dor 6 SATA slot I have last plex software Please confirm that you obtain HW transcode when you've jumped to 6.2.1-23824 I don't have intel NIC card, as far as i've readen, i can't migrate with 1.04 loader without adding a NIC intel card. I've checked, I have only one PCI-E slot... used for adding 2 SATA port (1 is used) ... so I'm stuck with 6.1.7 for the moment Thanks for your support ;-D