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  1. I try tu update 5.2 to 6.0. When i start uploading pat file i have error 16 (not enough system space to make update). On dev/root i have only 63mb free space and I think this is the problem. I delete logs but still to low free space. I have a Plex, maybe is the problem? I dont wont make clean install, what should I delete?
  2. I buy my T20 for 160 eur, new but with 2 months warranty.
  3. Dell T20 is better than HP but bigger. Price is very atractive for that performance and silent.
  4. It works thank you Wytapane z Moto G
  5. Hello, I cant install MariaDB on my DSM. Package it download ok, but when install show "progress" all the time and never end. Same when I try do it manually. My config in signature. Whats wrong?