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  1. I try tu update 5.2 to 6.0. When i start uploading pat file i have error 16 (not enough system space to make update). On dev/root i have only 63mb free space and I think this is the problem. I delete logs but still to low free space. I have a Plex, maybe is the problem? I dont wont make clean install, what should I delete?
  2. I buy my T20 for 160 eur, new but with 2 months warranty.
  3. Dell T20 is better than HP but bigger. Price is very atractive for that performance and silent.
  4. Update works fine on T20. Restart not needed.
  5. ded

    I cant install MariaDB on DSM 5.0 N54L

    It works thank you Wytapane z Moto G
  6. Hello, I cant install MariaDB on my DSM. Package it download ok, but when install show "progress" all the time and never end. Same when I try do it manually. My config in signature. Whats wrong?