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  1. Google.... Marius hosting IP block list..... No more warnnings for my xpeno 6.2.3 u3...
  2. Ds3615xs can NOT transcode!!! For /dev/dri try DS918+......or DS920 model!
  3. Sorry I tried everything to understand those bolded termins......but I dont get it! Can you please elaborate more? Tnx
  4. @amnher When system asks you with Yy/Nn........respond with Yy or Nn.......dont use just y or n.......you will see the difference then!
  5. DSM 6.X platform is supported till 2023 (may I guess)........then......you just dont know what will happen!
  6. Because 1.02 is "UEFI, BIOS/CSM" and 1.03 is "BIOS/CSM only".........go to your BIOS and find out how to kill UEFI boot (google it for your specific motherboard)....and upgrade your system to 6.2.3 update 3 (thats maximum for DSM 6.X loader) BTW!!!! Celerons doesnt work with 1.04 (DS918+).......it has to be TRUE i3/i5/i7 processor!
  7. Followed that post.......and I am guessing that something is wrong with my SATAPort map? Should I try with DS3615xs since my processor is i3-3210?
  8. I would say any x64 processor....intels are prefered over AMDs I am running my ds3615xs on i3-550....without a hickhup Seen some old threads with core2duo etc.... Look up those successfull upgrade topics where people also post their hardware setups
  9. Its usually because your USBs VID/PID numbers dont match those in grub.cfg. You would find that answer if you entered Failed to install the file. The file is probably corrupted. (13) into forums searchbar!!!!!
  10. Use Ds3615 or ds3617 (regarding your CPU) Latest possible is 6.2.3 update3 Follow that post.....and substitute ds916/ds918 with 3615/3617