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  1. Ms-dos format....with redo rescue on usb stick (my way)
  2. For a clean install yes you have to format discs too.... And (I am not 105% sure for that one) you also have to "re-burn" your usb stick...because its content get changed after every setup attempt you make....because it starts some processes and those also changes your syno image on your usb stick....
  3. Did you enable SSH protocol under /snmp-terminal icone? ssh Andrei@"domain" "domain" could be 192.168.1.xx AndreiAndrejevic.net(com, ru, whatever) https://www.howtogeek.com/311287/how-to-connect-to-an-ssh-server-from-windows-macos-or-linux/
  4. Regarding your SN..... SNs for ds918 are different then those intended for Ds3615xs 3615xs = xxxxLWNxxx Ds918 = xxxxPDNxxx So you need to get a proper SN for your loader/model! You can not just add any SN you can get!
  5. Try with another usb stick....it happened to me in the past! I tried to find new use for my 4Gb usb stick...it is one "no-(brand) name usb... After I switched for a new Sandisk 8Gb (and updated my bootloader to new PID&VID) everything started to work properly!
  6. Status update....manage to delete that list via SSH from a turitorial on internet and additional help of my IT friend... 1) connect via SSH on your NAS 2) login as root! (otherwise wont work)..... Sudo -i 3) cd /etc 4) sqlite3 synoautoblock.db 5) header on 6) select * from AutoBlockIP; 7) delete from AutoBlockIP; (it deletes BOTH allowed and blocked list) 8.) quit restart your NAS Thats all folks
  7. I have mistakenly imported some 46.000+ ips under a wrong tab (allowed ip list instead of under blocked ip list)..... And now there is no option in synology to delete all 46.000+ ips under a one go! Is there any chance to do that under a, SSH connection? Identical problem like here (to clarify my problem) : https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/127297?page=1&sort=oldest Tnx in advance.
  8. That is not posible! Ds918+ needs 1.04 loader to work!
  9. It seems that "Media server" is the one to blame... https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/140163 But it doesnt have many settings...
  10. TV (Samsung Ue46es5500) sees all the folders & subfolders in /photo folder.... But it recognise only photos.....movies in the same folder can not be seen.....unless if I move them to /video/.... EDIT: tried to install previous versions of photostation from synology archive....they ate unsupported on my DS918+.... Only the current version or above can be installed (above....is for dsm 6.2.4 wich is not supported with a current loader)
  11. Found that interesting Synology (Xpenology) blog......with useful "HOW TOs" Hope that mods wont find that as adertisement...otherwise feel free to delete ect! https://mariushosting.com/
  12. Hey. I have a problem with Photostation6 installed on my two different Xpenology servers One is DS3615xs (i3-550) and second is DS918+ (i5-4760K). Both are running flawlessly except for, that I cant watch movies on a TV from a /photo folder. IF I move those (te same) movies in "test" folder under /video folder they are then seen/recognized by my TV and are also playable normaly.......so my LCD TV is not representing a problem here! I have also tried transcoded test movies under /photo folder into different formats (.m4v, .mp4, .avi, .mkv...)
  13. Additionally.....UTF-8 in notepadqq is automatically UTF-8 with BOM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark I got that as, a hint on one other forum....that BOM is important for 螚ȎŠ....to be shown properly.
  14. Hey. I am using transmission from synocomunity (via web interface)....works flawlessly except for the subtitles.... I cant get them in proper format after they are uploaded from a torrent. With that I mean that althoug they are translated in my language....I see lets say (cant duplicate sign on a phones keypad) & instead of č..... # instead of ž.... % instead of š... So after the upload I have to manually inspect&change all those "broken" signs for proper ones with notepadqq (I am using linux.....notepad++ if windows).....and I also convert ISO125