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  1. Additionally.....UTF-8 in notepadqq is automatically UTF-8 with BOM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark I got that as, a hint on one other forum....that BOM is important for 螚ȎŠ....to be shown properly.
  2. Hey. I am using transmission from synocomunity (via web interface)....works flawlessly except for the subtitles.... I cant get them in proper format after they are uploaded from a torrent. With that I mean that althoug they are translated in my language....I see lets say (cant duplicate sign on a phones keypad) & instead of č..... # instead of ž.... % instead of š... So after the upload I have to manually inspect&change all those "broken" signs for proper ones with notepadqq (I am using linux.....notepad++ if windows).....and I also convert ISO125
  3. Try to read this...
  4. When you boot your synoboot img on your USB key....via find.synology.com synology creates linux partitions on your HDDs/SSDs and set up your xpenology server If you change your HDDs/SSDs you are basically setting up a new xpenology server
  5. I am using that one: http://freeddns.noip.com/ Cant answer your other questions...
  6. Start here.... 4sata ports means 4 sata HDDs/SSDs....and thats about it
  7. Start from scratch though.... New synboot etc... Or here... https://xpenology.club/downloads/
  8. You need partition wizzard (sorry for the typo) after every unsuccsessful attempt to make bootable usb...to format it back to ntfs...and start from scratch... And you need also or Windows bootable CD/USB or linux one....to format your HDD drives back to ntfs or dos format (to delete unsuccsessful xpenology atrempt)... Xpenology will write linux partitions every time you try to boot it via find.synology.com
  9. Basically you need 3-4 programms to make boitable xpeno loader: 1)win32diskimager to burn bootable usb (synoboot when properly pre configured- VID/PID....MAC....synology serial) 2) OSFMount to mount 1st 15mb partition.... Or sometimes 2nd 30mb for extra/lzma etc 3) Notepad++ (or notepadqq in linux sytems) to edit mounted partition from OSFMount 4) Partition wizztard (or gparted in linux) to prepare usb/hdd etc before burning...
  10. Look into a "The noob lounge"....subforum
  11. Identical topic was posted just yesterday....find it!
  12. Check your BIOS settings.... Ds918+ needs UEFI boot!
  13. Server fixed and updated to U3 The culprit.....when you give instructions like: Not every Linux sytem needs $ sign in front of a terminal command or...... just please dont put # or whatever in front of a command intended to be copy pasted into a terminal. It is confusing to us "Junior members" And yes, nevertheless thanks for your support!
  14. Will.... Curently I am resuming "SSH connection denied" via terminal (I am using Linux Mint) Yesterday I was able to connect wp.......but today is........a new day