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Replace drives with larger ones



Hi all


My brother inlaw is running Xpenology on a HP G8 micro sever with with 4 x 3tb drives, the current config is 2 drives 1 and the other 2 drives as singles all drive are nearly full.He is wanting to replace all drives with larger capacity drives, what is the best method of getting all his data onto the new drives in the same machine?

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3 hours ago, flyride said:

You can't without freeing up a drive bay, which means offloading at least one disk's worth of data from the system.


Does he want to keep the single drives the way they are?


How big are the new disks?

Hi, he will be going to 4Tb drives, I believe he is looking at going SHR with 3 drives and a single


The 3Tb's will be added to another micro server at some point

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I don't understand why someone would want a single drive when they can have the performance of a four-drive array.  But to each his own.


Personally, I would build a new array with the 4TB drives for the best SHR performance and least internal array complexity. If the NAS setup can support eight drives at once, he can just build the new arrays and copy everything directly over. If he has only four bays available, it can be done by:

  1. Drop the redundancy on the RAID 1 (remove one drive)
  2. Create a new Storage Pool with a 4TB in the empty slot
  3. Copy data from old RAID 1 to new 4TB Storage Pool
  4. Remove remaining RAID 1 drive
  5. Add the 4TB Storage Pool with a second 4TB drive (convert to SHR/RAID 1)
  6. Use a free 3TB on a PC and copy all the data off of one of the single drives (preferably the one that would be collapsed into the 4TB array)
  7. Remove that single drive, install a 4TB drive and create new single drive Storage Pool
  8. Copy remaining single 3TB drive's data to new single 4TB Storage Pool.
  9. Remove remaining single 3TB and replace with last 4TB drive
  10. Add/grow the 4TB Storage Pool with the last 4TB drive (add to SHR/convert to RAID 5)
  11. Copy transient data from 3TB drive installed on the PC into the 4TB array

There are other solution permutations, but they are all about as complex.

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