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  1. I did it this way: 1. in ubuntu,install Docker sudo apt-get update sudo apt install 2. install jq & curl: sudo apt install jq sudo apt install curl 3. download redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.7.4 4. cd redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.7.4 5. vi apollolake_user_config.json, edit vid,pid,sn,mac 6. build img ./ bulid apollolake-xxx ./ run apollolake-xxx make build_all (xxx is the version you choose,like 7.0.1-42214)
  2. hello,i add the 10G network card’s driver to the boot file and started smoothly,when ds918+_42214.pat is installed and started again, the 10G network card driver is lost. how can I make the driver of the 10G network card be loaded at startup? which file do i to modify? after startup,i can added the driver manually through SSH. But I can't do this every time. I want Qunhui to automatically load the driver when it starts. sudo insmod /usr/lib/modules/ixgbe.ko systemctl restart rc-network how can i do ?
  3. Sorry, I made a mistake. The problem was solved after reinstalling docker. thank you again for your help
  4. New problems arise again. After installing DSM_ DS918+_ 42214.pat, the 10G network card disappeared!! why? what can i do ? edit the pat file?
  5. I solved the problem. The reason is that the root account is not used to edit the file. That's stupid!
  6. unfortunately, I encountered this problem again。 I have repeatedly confirmed that vid and PID are correct! When I don't have a 10G network card, I can install it successfully. What's the problem ?
  7. thank you again! I successfully driven the Intel 10G network card! and I want to know how do you compile ko files
  8. 19 hours ago,pocopico said: Line 285 in your case. /lib/modules is linked to /usr/lib/modules . insmod /lib/modules/xxx thang you very much! i successfully driven the Intel 10G network card! now,my 918+ 7.0.1 have two neywork cards!
  9. Have I installed the network card driver correctly? Why can't I see the 10G network card in the network interface?Only see the 1G network card!
  10. how can imodify linuxrc.syno.impl (line #285) ? just add “insmod /lib/modules/ixgbe.ko” ? i put the ixgbe.ko to /usr/lib/modules
  11. how can imodify linuxrc.syno.impl (line #285) ? just add “insmod /lib/modules/ixgbe.ko” ? i put the ixgbe.ko to /usr/lib/modules
  12. How to build intel 10G netcard driver to *.ko ? synology can't run "make" command!no kernel-devel! Can you help me build it for 7.0.1 ?tks ixgbe-5.12.5.tar.gz