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  1. Hi, I have HP ML350p with p420i card. Would it be possible to use those extra.lzma for 3615/17, or are there plans for extra.lzma for the v.1.03b loader? Thanks
  2. kkirov

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Annnndddd.... as it seems I am not able to edit posts, please disregard my previous post in the part for p420i card. This works, but for OMV. Also found a way how to reduce the fans speed in Xpenology as well - just add a drive in the array. Even if it is not recognized by DSM, it will make the fans go down to 6%. Guess it is HP firmware and sensors thing. As those are hardware specifics, I guess those posts could be moved to that section. Excuse me for the confusion - still reading and testing configurations.
  3. kkirov

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi all, New here and new to the NAS world. Just got my hands on an old server machine and decided to go experimental. Bare Metal installation on HP ML350p G8 with v1.03b (DSM 6.2 - both 3617 and 3615) causes fans to go crazy. Went to v1.02b DSM 6.1.7 (3617) and they slowed down to 35%. Still haven't tied 3615. Btw, also tried OpenMediaVault and with it, the system is completely silent. My fans go down to 6% and in the first moment I thought the server went down. But no, it was up and running and no overheating observed. If someone is trying the same machine and have problems with the p420i raid card - update to the latest firmware and through Intelligent provisioning you can switch to HBA mode, which will give direct access of the OS to the drives attached to it. The only thing, I didn't manage to understand from all the reading in the net was - when in HBA mode, will it somehow utilize the RAM integrated in the card. I have 512MB with battery. Best to all, Kiril