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  1. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    After all what i have tied so far of injecting the extra.izma and bzImage both at once and separately 2 different times both with loader JUN 1.0 with no success and no help either , please close the topic that is useless to have !
  2. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    just downloaded the 6.0.2 from the main topic the one that is DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod and ended up with same thing ... DOS freezing and not able to do anything not even DEL to go bios !! any help please ?
  3. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    apologies sir, but there's load of link here in the forum .. can you please share the link with me here and I'll update you with the result in 10 minutes after that .. I've fast broadband. Thank you and much appreciated
  4. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    I've sorted the issue of my built-in drive 256mb and I've decided to replace the internal storage with another chip of 256mb and issue disappeared. I need now a working loader with my AMD processor and what's last update I can go for ? A quick reply will be appreciated
  5. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    any ideas please on a working loader of AMD Sempron 3400+
  6. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    Just would like to say I've managed partially to resolve the issue by desoldering the storage chip which does mean that there's no HDD connected to the PC
  7. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    any more ideas guys
  8. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    done all of that but still no joy ... !! Any more help please ?
  9. Bricked HP MediaSmart EX470

    Hi Everyone, I've a nightmare since couple of days and I'm not sure how bad I did damage my HP EX470 !! Basically I've a HP EX470 running on AMD sempron 3400+ with 2GB Ram and ESD 256MB I've decided to put Xpenology on it using the loader and after many digging on the forum I found the 6.1 MBR loader is the one that people kept saying it works good with AMD and I flashed that to my USB after modifying the VID/PID ... BUT my pc was going through kernel panic and freezes and basically hangs there not responding to anything I input neither DEL nor ctrl+alt+del .. nothing at all !! so I thought it's because of the USB flash drive ... so STUPID me decided to wipe the internal ESD via Acronis Disk Director booted via Hiren's USB boot and clone the xpenology USB contents including the partition table to the current ESD !! I thought it will pass the power on self check BUT ... another kernel attack and I can't even do anything at all ... no access to bios settings or boot from external device or anything .. I know loads of people will swear at me ,,but any help will be appreciated