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  1. lolo130

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thank you buddy appreciated
  2. lolo130

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thank you sir and much appreciated your response
  3. lolo130

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    hi guys, I've seen a warning message couple of days ago regarding NO upgrades to 6.2.1 with jun's loader then now I can't see the warning anymore and I can actually see that some people did upgrade to 6.2.1 no issues. So I have looked in the loaders of jun on website to see if new loaders were released but last updated date of the 3615&3617 files were same August 1st So, shall I update or I'm missing something ?
  4. lolo130

    boot freeze

    please close this topic as i just found out that the CPU i7-3770 is not compatible with DS918+
  5. lolo130

    boot freeze

    Hi Geeks I've an Intel Motherboard DH61WW [Check the Specs from here] equipped with intel i7-3770 & 16G DDR3 when I boot to the new loader 6.2 of DS3617XS or the old one [DS916p_DSM6.1_JunsMod_V1.02b_MBR_Genesys] the screen always freeze on : The screen will stop updating shortly .. Please head to xxx and then I see the dos hyphen solid not flashing and that's it !! I tried to enable/disable on board LAN but same results. UEFI is enabled or disabled is same effect on the new loader for 6.2 it reaches [The screen will stop
  6. I confirm ... release links now works as should be just tested it and works like a charm
  7. lolo130

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    disconnected the usb drive and re-imaged it with 6.2 loader and then rebooted the nas after plugging the usb back in ... auto detected and asking for migrate and upgrade ... done that and all went smoooth. THANK YOU JUN .. MUCH APPRECIATED EVERY SECOND YOU SPENT ON THIS BareMetal Dell 7010, Intel i5 3rd Gen, 32GB Ram, 2X500GB WD Blue
  8. Thank you for your reply sir, but believe me I've read all FAQs before to post asking for help ... I'd tried all available loaders but nothing worked at all ... The device by itself was not faulty as it could boot from usb different things like live.linux and windows boot usb and linux.partedMagic etc. etc. .... only the loader didn't want to work. I've binned that device now as it was really old and I'm running DELL Optiplex 7010 with Intel Core i5 2400 and 32G ram ... Thank you for the follow up and you can close this topic now
  9. After all what i have tied so far of injecting the extra.izma and bzImage both at once and separately 2 different times both with loader JUN 1.0 with no success and no help either , please close the topic that is useless to have !
  10. just downloaded the 6.0.2 from the main topic the one that is DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod and ended up with same thing ... DOS freezing and not able to do anything not even DEL to go bios !! any help please ?
  11. apologies sir, but there's load of link here in the forum .. can you please share the link with me here and I'll update you with the result in 10 minutes after that .. I've fast broadband. Thank you and much appreciated
  12. I've sorted the issue of my built-in drive 256mb and I've decided to replace the internal storage with another chip of 256mb and issue disappeared. I need now a working loader with my AMD processor and what's last update I can go for ? A quick reply will be appreciated
  13. any ideas please on a working loader of AMD Sempron 3400+
  14. Just would like to say I've managed partially to resolve the issue by desoldering the storage chip which does mean that there's no HDD connected to the PC
  15. any more ideas guys