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  1. I just got a new hard drive and copied all the files over from another NAS that serves as a nearline backup
  2. I tried using ARPL for the first time on my N40L and it seems to be in a bootloop when trying to boot DSM DS3615xs 7.1.1 . What did you mean by "direct boot TRUE"? P.S.: I have a Realtek PCIe GbE NIC in addition to the built-in Broadcom NIC, both of which were recognized in build mode.
  3. For anyone that is running on a N40L or N54L, did you have to manually adjust the sata related parameters in user_config.json to get the machine to boot into DSM? Mine was running on bootloader but is not booting DSM on the latest
  4. I have DSM 6.2.3 U3 running on Jun's bootloader on ESXi 7.0 U3 with hard drives passed through using RDM. One of them reported as crashed earlier today. Fortunately, I have a backup but would like to get this server up and running again. I tried deleting the storage pool in DSM and re-adding it but it still shows crashed. I looked at the drive using ESXI SMART and got this: Parameter Value Threshold Worst Raw --------------------------------- ----- --------- ----- --- Health Status OK N/A N/A N/A Write Error Count 0 0 N/A 0 Read Error Count 251 51 N/A 251 Power-on Hours 34 0 34 130 Power Cycle Count 52 0 N/A 52 Reallocated Sector Count 0 140 N/A 0 Drive Temperature 32 0 N/A 32 Sector Reallocation Event Count 0 0 N/A 0 Pending Sector Reallocation Count 2 0 N/A 2 Uncorrectable Sector Count 0 0 N/A 0 Does the combination of the read error count and the pending sector reallocation count explain why DSM cannot use this hard drive? Anything else to try before I get and install a new hard drive?
  5. Which bootloader did you use? I'm currently on TCRP and DSM 7.1.0U4
  6. @flyride I've been running DSM6 on ESXi 7.x with RDMed drives for many years now and would like to add a new server but running Proxmox because its hardware will not be supported by ESXi 8. Regarding your table in the first post, are there server CPU architecture considerations that would affect the choice of the Synology platform even if only NAS functionality is required or is that all virtualized away? Thanks
  7. One thing I discovered with ESXi 7.0 is that "Other Linux (x64)" doesn't allow you to add SATA controllers and I had to pick "Other 5.x or later Linux (x64)"
  8. For those running on VMware, what version of Linux are you configuring the VM to? And are the SATA ports for the bootloader and storage drives to be assigned in a certain order? Thanks
  9. Just the hard drive using RDM And this should have said ESXi VM on this thread though I have a test VM on Proxmox too that I talk about on another thread.
  10. Once I have a machine up and running with one passthrough drive, do I have to rebuild to add another passthrough drive or can I just add the drive to the ProxMox VM and it will be recognized as a new drive by DSM?
  11. Thanks again. I created a 7.1.0 VM successfully but using a virtual disk since I did not have a spare disk to use for 7.1.0 before swapping out the bootloader on the 6.2.3 setup. Need to scrounge up one from somewhere.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I had looked at the referenced thread (and will read it more carefully) but wasn't sure how much of it applied to an installation over ESXi. I don't want to be on the bleeding edge but it seems like DSM 6 has stalled out at 6.2.3 for 3rd party hardware
  13. I've been successfuly running DSM 6.2.3 on the DS3615xs platform as a VM on ESXi7 with Jun's bootloader and a single RDMed hard drive for a while now and was wondering if there was any consensus on whether TCRP was stable enough to migrate one's data to it. If so, would a best practice be to first get DSM 7.1.0 up and running with a virtual disk as the target drive and then add the RDMed drive (and then optionally removing the virtual drive) or would that mess up the sata diskmap generation process that is done in TCRP? If I use the DS918+ platform instead of DS3615xs, would I be able to retain the data on the RDMed drive? Thanks
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