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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.4 15217 Update 5 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.02b - DS3615xs - Installation type: Baremetal @ Supermicro board (Intel C3758) - Additional comments: Had to edit /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf due to having 15 disks and update VirtualBox to the new 6.1.5 version mentioned earlier in this thread.
  2. That is exactly what I would like to do. Living the storage dream.
  3. My old XPEnology with 5.x did not show any bad speeds either, I don't know if it's due to my hardware or the XPEnology software. Since I just disabled the sequential caching my need to solve this has gone to a lower priority, I originally wanted to use Nvme storage but the current loaders don't support this. If it's a hassle to switch over your ssd's to the XPEnology in any way don't bother. I might install XPEnology on another system with a 10Gb port some day and test the speeds there. Thanks for the offer though.
  4. Hi Yes I am using 10Gbe for my network. I tried making a read/write cache with and without the sequential, but even a normal raid 1 or even 0 of 2 ssd's gave me this issue. The atom did not seem to have a problem with either of the raid setups I have tried. There is some caching involved in my network by the networkcards, the file transfers however were about 40GB/s in size. I'm using Seagate Enterprise drives wich are rated for 250mb/s+ each. My now 5 drive raid 5 manages to get between 600 and 800 mb/s depending on the filetype so caching is
  5. For the time being I went back to using phpvirtualbox. I wish to use vmm though for my main NAS its nog viable if I can't use Windows 10 and Server 2016. I'll test vmm when there is an update available on another system so at this moment I am not actively searching for a solution.
  6. I've tried to do internal copying as well with the same results. You can see from the Synology benchmark that it does not use the full 400-500MB/s the 850 evo could do.
  7. Such an odd issue, I want to test if the same happens on a original Synology. I can't recall the poor speeds on my dsm 5.2 XPEnology.
  8. Hi Guys, I've been setting up my XPEnology for the past few weeks and noticed that my write speeds went down horribly after enabling SSD-cache. The transfer starts out at about 1GByte/s (not bit) but goes down all the way to 30MB/s or even lower write speeds, read speeds are fine though. After trying some diffrent settings and also making a RAID 0,1,5 and basic RAID setup the speed still seemed to stay really poor,.. I blamed the network settings at first but noticed my raid5 3 HDD setup manages to keep a steady 500-600MB/s (Bytes not Bits) while transfering from my
  9. What loader are you using? I can recall one of the 5644 loaders having a issue with UPSes.
  10. I tinkered around with those values because I wanted to exclude the msata ports on the motherboard since I'm not using them and they create a gap in my drives on port 9-10-11. Do you guys figure the value should be on the part under "@@ -276,7 +276,6 @@ support_disk_performance_test="yes"" too, the 916 jun.patch mentioned the drive count twice but only mentions the port configuration in the replace part.
  11. I replaced the _replace commands as well, though without effect. Here the complete jun.patch: jun.patch diff --git a/etc/passwd b/etc/passwd index 6a0344d..cf95fbd 100644 --- a/etc/passwd +++ b/etc/passwd @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@ -root:x:0:0::/root:/bin/ash +root::0:0::/root:/bin/ash system:x:1:1::/usr/syno/synoman:/usr/bin/nologin daemon:x:2:2::/:/bin/sh lp:x:7:7::/var/spool/lpd:/bin/sh diff --git a/etc/rc b/etc/rc index e706c59..2d29b47 100755 --- a/etc/rc +++ b/etc/rc @@ -163,6 +163,8 @@ if [ "$PLATFORM" = "grantley" ]; then fi SYNOLoadIPv6 +.
  12. Tried to edit jun.patch with the following, did not work for me though. System did boot after restore, no changes found in synoinfo.conf after boot. diff --git a/etc/synoinfo.conf b/etc/synoinfo.conf index 3536bde..f158b28 100755 --- a/etc/synoinfo.conf +++ b/etc/synoinfo.conf @@ -276,7 +276,6 @@ support_disk_performance_test="yes" support_share_quota="yes" support_dr_snap="yes" support_performance_event="yes" -supportadt7490="yes" support_hotspare="yes" vpn_conn_max="30" buzzeroffen="0x9f" -maxdisks="12" +maxdisks="15" -internalportcfg="0xfff" +internalportcfg="0x
  13. I'm getting a plain message saying: "Could not install "VirtualBox""while installing the packages for 6.1.4 downloaded on from the links on this thread. I'm running 6.1.4-15217 on 1.02b 3617xs.
  14. I'm having the same problem with Windows 10, same for server 2016. Windows 7 seems to work.