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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I have a bare-metal Xpenology DS3617xs, which I set it up using Jun's loader 1.02b. Diskstation is successfully running DSM 6.1.5-15254 and file system I am using is btrfs. The problem I am noticing is on the file transfer from the browser remotely (via WAN). I only get max 200KBps file upload speed to the diskstation in filestation, nextcloud, Drive etc. If I use android app I am getting full 2MBps speed on upload speed. The download from browser and app is perfectly fine. It is just that I cannot upload in the server with full capacity from WAN. What might be the issue. Did anyone notice this kind of behavior? Can this be windows 10 issue? Thanks,
  2. Hi Guys, I've been setting up my XPEnology for the past few weeks and noticed that my write speeds went down horribly after enabling SSD-cache. The transfer starts out at about 1GByte/s (not bit) but goes down all the way to 30MB/s or even lower write speeds, read speeds are fine though. After trying some diffrent settings and also making a RAID 0,1,5 and basic RAID setup the speed still seemed to stay really poor,.. I blamed the network settings at first but noticed my raid5 3 HDD setup manages to keep a steady 500-600MB/s (Bytes not Bits) while transfering from my pc to the XPEnology. Copying a large file from one SSD to another gave me the same poor performance. At the Benchmark in the storage manager the SSD read speed caps out at about 550MB/s but the Write caps out at about 30MB/s. I've tried a different ssd, port, cable and controller so far but nothing seems to help. Booting up Windows and benchmarking the SSD with Crystal Disk Mark gave me about 550/500 Read/Write on both SSDs. I'm using DSM6.1.4-5 on 1.02b with the extra.lmza v4.3 driver package on a SuperMicro a2sdi-h-tf motherboard. I have come across a couple of seemingly similar cases but these were unsolved or different causes (like SMB and networksettings). Does anyone have a tip for me to try out or could give me some advice? Kind regards, Mike
  3. hi, I've just started with Xpenology. I have instaled 6.1 on a server I've got from ebay. my issue is at the moment transfer speed. a 7GB file, first 1-1.5 GB of it transfer at 80-90 MB/s the rest drops to 10-15 MB/s. any advice, please. New Bitmap Image.bmp