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  1. Anyone check to see if Jun Loader works with 6.1 yet? Also, didn't Synology say they were publishing Source finally upon release of 6.1?
  2. OK, so here is what happened to me with Update 9 .. at least for me, is it's reset the NIC to DHCP. I had to use Synology Assistant to find the DHCP IP address.. once I did that, was able to get back in and set it back to its static IP address. Everything was good after that.
  3. I'll likely give up and get a real Syno box before they release the source.. Just waiting for them to update the 8 bay model myself. I've decided I prefer to not hang in the wind with XPE; some features I've been waiting on. I'm really hoping for the 5 and 8 bay models, they add either M.2 or mSATA ports internally this time so we don't have to take up 2 drive bays for SSD Caching. Yeah, I know.. thats like asking for a better CPU .. Unicorns will likely fly first.. but, one can hope.
  4. Yes and no.. it would completely depend on how they did it.. If it was a no support model for software only, then you'd still see many, many people buy the 'supported' version with the hardware.. Since the cost of support is basically what you're paying extra for. Also, Enterprise level hardware (rack systems) IT generally is not DIY. They'd likely still sell many enterprise systems regardless as well as extended support contracts.. So it wouldn't be a cut/n/dry situation if they did sell it for a low cost. In the end, if they did a low-cost, or even free version, w/no support, you'd see Synology's 'beta test / bug test' group suddenly expand greatly AND they'd likely 'entice' people who otherwise would not have outright bought a synology box by giving a 'try before you buy' type scenario.
  5. Figured we'd hear some news by now.. Is their a GitHub or anything? or is their anyone working on 6.0 for expenology?
  6. Kind of.. they specifically use Virtual DSM as an example of running different versions of DSM. Just don't know how far that goes when it comes to major release versions. I think it's intended to allow you to go 'backward' to previous versions.. not forward.. So while you could keep someone at DSM VM 5.2, on a 6.0 system, installing a 'newer' version in a DSM VM is probably not something it was designed to do.
  7. Yeah. I am actually in need of several of it's features.. Including LetsEncrypt, new file system, and want to put to use the new MailPlus Server... I'm seriously looking at buying the DS916+ right now .. lol
  8. Not something I'd want; just to big and noisy.. Not something I'd want near my living room. lol Often it's worth it to build a more expensive rig to get a compact unit to gain some peace and silence. Cost isn't the only factor in a NAS build..