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  1. - Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: Fresh install of DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.04b - 918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock J3455M - Additional comments: 9 x 8TB (Raid 5) x3 of IO Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Marvell Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket SI-PEX40064 Onboard LAN No other amendments made QuickConnect service tested and not working (perhaps due to carry over S/N and MAC used from previous
  2. Hi again!! Thank you for being patient with me but holy mother of goat... I am STILL backing up 40TB worth of data. I've learned that gSuite drive has an upload limit of 750MB/day. I'm currently left with another 6TB worth of data to upload.. Truly apologise but I can't do anything about that upload limit and it's irritating when I discovered that considering I've 1Gb/s up and down speed.. I will definitely update here again.
  3. Good day, mate! Well... I'm sorry for not following up here but I've been surged with a number of tasks since then (New year, new KPI). But here's the thing, it had just occurred to me that I have an active domain with which I can sub for a Gsuite business account for the unlimited storage limit. From there, I'll back up my whole 40TB of data and do the update worry-free! As of now, I've yet to do so. My apologies...
  4. Alright... Thank you so much! I will mull over it for a few days and will decide if I should just go ahead with the change from DS3615xs to DS916+ for the DSM 6.1.4..... *gulps* Or just stick with DS3615xs for the upgrade. Will report back my decision and if it goes smoothly....
  5. Hmm... I think i'm all fine in this aspect as i did deploy my Google-fu and came across threads of users who have similar board as mind (AsRock N3150 ITX) installed DSM 6.1.4 with nil issues. Keeping my fingers crossed still though as we all know that the universe can throw a curveball in our way. LoL! I read about this too but I couldn't find any actual evidence if this works for a RAID 5 volume.. Do you happen to have any experience in any way? Same here! High five! Problem is, my data is much too big and therefore not feasible to have them ba
  6. Good day, Polanski and fellow Xpeno users! I'm currently wanting to update my Baremetal Xpenology to the latest (and greatest DSM 6.1.4) but i've a few concerns. 1) On the first page of this guide, you mentioned the following: On clicking it, it jumps to post #2 (which i believe is as intended) listing the steps required to update BUT the post actually states DSM 6.1.3. Would that just means that instead of preparing PAT 6.1.3, i prepare PAT 6.1.4 and proceed as per listed guide? 2) In the event if the upgrade fails for whatsoever reason, simply
  7. Oh... Ok, i get it! Different chipset, hence the difference! Thank you for the clarification!
  8. All periferials plug in pcie port. The difference is in the number of ports required. For example, a médium graphic card required 8 And better 16 or more. This slot is "1 mpcie x1" This means : 1 -> standard review. in this case arround 2.5 GT/s duplex (you can plug 2 sata3 adaptors but the Max transfer rate be same 1 sata2 ) m-> mini form factor x1-> number of lanes The standard pcie slot in the board is 3 pcie x1 i thing. You can plug 2 SATA3. Or 4 but the Max transfer is 1GB/s same 2 sata3 (a litle bit minus) http
  9. Erm... I don't think a network port is similar to a SATA port?
  10. This slot is a pcie 1x spec. Non for nand. But the good news is. that is a 1x mini pcie half sice[emoji5] . You can push 2 sata 6. Or 2 usb3 . Or a giganet card. And offcourse a wifi ac And alwais a USB 2 Enviado desde mi Aquaris X5 Plus mediante Tapatalk Hmmmm............ This has got me VERY interested as I have this exact same motherboard (AsRock N3150-ITX). Has anyone tested this? I.e. has anyone tried plugging in a Half-size Mini Pcie to PCIe adapter, and then a suitable SATA card successfully and get it to work (attached to another 1 or 2 HDD off the SATA card)? EDIT:
  11. Hi, I'm just curious, is your SYBA/IOCrest card model SE9235 or SE9215? From my understanding, your ASRock j1900 mobo only has PCIE2.0 x1, which should only be compatible with SE9215 because SE9235 is PCIE2.0 x2? Having said that, I believe you would need the SYBA/IOCrest SE9215. I'm using it with no issues.. on DSM 5.2 still though, if that matters.
  12. So... hibernation and power management setting all ok? I'm on bare metal 5644.5 and not sure whether i should update to 5967.1..
  13. Uh oh... Link's dead. Able to re-upload please?
  14. Thank you for all your advices, redpineapple and brantje! I've finalized my build and will order the stuffs asap! @brantje: Yep! That's the most definite air cooler to go for if I do go for non-SoC board!