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  1. Planning to watch this thread closely, as I'm currently running 5.2 as well and trying to figure out the best way to upgrade and not lose any of my data
  2. Thanks for this! I gave it a try and edited my syslinux.cfg and rebooted the synology. When I go to control panel and attempt to login to my synology account so I can activate quickconnect, it says "Network error occurred. Please check your DNS and network settings". Anybody else have this issue? I verified that the generated serial number is showing up and the mac address is showing as well, when I go to the Info Center and view them.
  3. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I ran home real quick and put the card in question into my current xpenology build (I'm also running the same card, so i just swapped them). The card in question detected perfectly in my personal build. So I feel pretty confident that the firmware on the card is fine, and the card itself is fine. Any other ideas that I could try?
  4. hey guys, I'm building a new xpenology for a family member with the UNAS NSC-800. I bought the LSI 9211-8i SAS card to run all the harddrives. I bought the ASRock N3150B-ITX motherboard (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YH2HW7Q). I didn't realize the mobo only has a 1x PCI-E slot (the LSI card is 8x). Fortunately I have 1x --> 16x risers here. I tried a non-powered riser and a powered riser. The LSI card lights up just like the identical card in my personal xpenology build, so I know it's getting power, but when I boot it, it doesn't load the LSI card at all. It goes straig
  5. hey guys, does anybody have a copy of the serial number generator spreadsheet? I tried the multiple links on the blog post (https://xpenology.us/tutorials/miscella ... al-and-mac), but they all take me to a page that says: It says this after making me login to a live.com account. I tried PMing brantje last week, but it looks like he doesn't receive PMs because it's still in my outbox.
  6. How can you tell if an LSI 9211-8i is counterfeit? I just purchased 2 from ebay and want to make sure I didn't get fake ones :\
  7. I see your signature says you're running an ASRock J3160-ITX, can I ask where you found it for sale?
  8. Looks like you're right. I see a few models on ASRock's website...but I can't find them for sale anywhere :\ http://asrock.com/mb/index.us.asp?s=Intel%20CPU Not sure what to do at this point. I'm still within the return window on my N3150 mobo, so I'll return that, just not sure what to buy in the mean time.
  9. Ack, now i'm worried about this too. I just bought a motherboard with the N3150. Anybody else have any ideas here? I don't see any SoC boards with the N3060 or N3160 for sale am i just missing them somewhere?
  10. hey guys, I'm building 2 xpenology servers currently. I'm at the hard drive stage, and I'm torn on what to do. I'd like to do 4tb or above, but only can spare a few hundred dollars. I'm considering this seagate right now (i know seagate has a bad reputation lately, but i was thinking I'd run 2 parity drives to help account for that): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B99JU4S it is 4tb for $111, with free shipping. So I can do 4 of these for $444 The WD RED 4tb version is $150 for comparison 4 of these would be $600. These 4tb drives are even cheaper per gigabyte than the 3tb
  11. Ah bummer, I was hoping it would fit perfectly. I don't have any 2.5" drives. Did you use a bracket of some kind? Trying to get an idea of what I should keep an eye out for My case should be here Tuesday
  12. redpineapple, thanks so much for your thorough response. I ordered the NSC-800 yesterday, hoping it won't take too long to arrive. I also ordered the LSI card you recommended (this one exactly http://www.ebay.com/itm/252344098349 but it was $118 when i bought it) Now that I have a fully compatible SAS card, I think i might try to find a newer mobo with a dedicated CPU as I like to install lots of applications on my xpenology box (ie. more than just a streaming server) and would like for it to be able to handle everything for years to come. I'm thinking I'll also just buy 16GB of
  13. redpineapple, thanks for the response. It looks like the QC5000 is sold out is there a similar board you would recommend? I'm currently running xpenology on this board: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006Q4MLUQ/ Do you think the QC5000 or a comparable board will be a big improvement? I'm willing to step up to an 1150 socket intel board with cpu, but i really liked being able to follow someone's exact build that is guaranteed to be working 100% :\
  14. I'll add one more question if you happen to come back do you think this case would work pretty well instead of the NSC-800? http://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Techn ... 00IAELTAI/ I'd love to get the NSC-800 but $200+$25 shipping is really pricey if this silverstone case could do the job for only $140 (and free 2day shipping)