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  1. DSM 6 does not use all cores?

    What did you do with the checksum files? I know that they're in the .pat file but what did you exactly change?
  2. DS412+ USB flash module pinout

    Ok, thanks for the info. I will do in the next days. But just one question. Why not remove the flash module and boot the DS from an external thumb drive, where the loader is located?
  3. DS412+ USB flash module pinout

    Yes, would you be so kind. I've a DS1010+ and it would be great that I can update it to DSM 6.1.x. With the first post here from @wool I don't know what to do with his post. Thanks in advance
  4. Plex hardware transcode

    Hello, I don't have a PC to test with DS916-bootloader. My Intel nuc is only running with DS3615 (with DS916 no chance to get it work) Here is a good how-to you can follow. I know it's in russian language but with Google translator (russian => english or your language) you can find out what to do (I don't speak/read russian language but with Google it was ok). What I can read over there is, that you have to activate Hardware transcoding under "Video Station" (you have to install in the package center). You can see the settings in the link. Try to follow this guide and if it's not working come back here. It's good when you can post the result here anyway.
  5. Plex hardware transcode

    @smokers did you use Plex Media Server (Plex Pass version) to check if hardware transcoding is working? What I know is that PMS doesn't need "/dev/dri/*". "dev/dri/*" is needed for Hardware transcoding under Emby Media Server. Kaby Lake should be supported by the DSM-Image. If you need /dev/dri for Emby hardware transcoding than you can try the following. Install a latest linux (Debian, Ubuntu,...) and save this folder. When you have installed DSM copy the saved folder to the System drive, give it the nesseary righst (chmod 755) and check under emby if hw transcoding is working. But be aware that after a reboot this folder is gone (so it was under my VM-DSM - I had to copy it again but didn't do this because under VM-DSM hardware transcoding via Emby didn't work). You can copy the folder again (by hand) or you make a script to do it automatically.
  6. DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    It looks like Synology has removed this update for all their products. Looks like a heavy bug in the update
  7. Plex hardware transcode

    @IG-88 Hardware transcoding under apollo lake is working. Here is a how-to to get it working. It's from @Bob the Builder. Unfortunatelly it's in russian language (I don't know this language) but with Google translator it's easy to understand everything. This is the proove that Hardware transcoding is working under apollo lake (Intel Celeron J3455 is apollo lake)
  8. problem getting 916+ to work in VirtualBox

    Hello, good to hear that it works. And also good to hear that you test new compiled 916+ drivers. Maybe with that I can get my Intel Nur with DS916 bootloader to work. Looking forward to test it.
  9. problem getting 916+ to work in VirtualBox

    @IG-88 when I saw your post I didn't have time to write and than I've forgotten about it. Back home I have an OMV server (latest OMV v4) with Fujitsu-MoBo (intel nic) and haswell cpu (i5-4590S with 4 cores). Under OMV I've installed virtualbox from the official OMV repo and set it up according to this how-to here. I guess I didn't install the extensions pack and for the mac address I have one from an original DS916+ (as well the serial number). I hope that a link to an another forum is allowed. Also you can see me Virtualbox settings and how DSM looks like under Virtualbox. For me it was a long try and error to get the DS916 system definiton to work. So I don't know exactly anymore what I did and where I got the DS916 synoboot.vmdk. The second virtual HDD is the data drive "Syno-DS916plus2.vhd". Unfortunately under DSM the synoboot.vmdk shows up and I didn't have time to check how I can hide it. I hope I could help you further
  10. Hello, thanks for your answer. No I didn't use your extra.lzma. I used one which was offered here in the forum but don't know anymore where I found it. It was posted together with the boot loaders from "jun". I know that yours is only working with DS3615 bootloader. I also tried to use the e1000 drivers from he other bootloaders but they didn't work too. I know that I should use a serial cable (in my case a usb to serial because the Intel Nuc has not serial port) but right know I don't have one. Tomorrow I will ask some colleagues if they have one. Otherwise I will buy one from Amazon. With /var/log you mean the hard drive where DSM is installed, or? In my case I can't install because I can't find the Nuc on the network. Even the led's on the back of the Nuc aren't on (they don't lighten). As I wrote before the bootloaders for DS3615 and DS3617 work without any problems. After a couple of seconds after booting I can find the Nuc on my network and can install DSM. I've tried to compare the bootloaders but they're really different to find where the problem is. I also tried to mod the DS3615 bootloader into a DS916 one (just replace the names of the Synos) but this didn't work. The bootloader showed up as DS916 but when I connected to the install page, DS3615 showed up. In my Virtualbox (on my OMV server back home) the virtual machine runs perfect with the DS916 bootloader. I also use an intel nic (on my mainboard there's also an intel onboard nic). Maybe I can get a usb to rs232 adapter next week and can get the screen output. I will post it here for sure. Thanks again
  11. Loader 1.02b und DS916+

  12. Loader 1.02b und DS916+

    @StreeT Nachdem ich auch schon länger von dieser Materie weg bin habe ich da auch nicht viel Ahnung, was bei dir da nicht funktioniert. Hast du schon alle DS3615-Bootloader durchprobiert? Verwendest du auch einen Nuc mit DSM und wenn ja welchen? Bei mir funktionieren die beiden aktuellen Bootloader (3615 und 3617) einwandfrei, nur der DS916er will nicht. Da wird der Nuc nicht im Netzwerk gefunden.
  13. Hello, I’ve bought an Intel Nuc NUC5I3RYH (Rock Canyon, Intel Core i3-5010U, 4GB Ram, Intel i218-V rev03 ethernet card, for testing purpose 128GB SSD) to use it with DSM 6.1 and DS916+ bootloader (for hardware transcoding). I’ve downloaded Jun’s boot loader v1.02b for DS916+, made the necessary changes (pid, vid, mac-address and serial number), created an installer for the thumb drive, plugged it to one of the two rear USB3.0 port and booted from it. Either my router (Asus RT-AC68P) nor the Synology Assistant can’t find the Nuc. So I thought I made a mistake and downloaded the (latest) bootloaders for DS3615 and DS3617xs. Made also the necessary changes to grub.cfg (here without serial numbers), booted from the thumb drive and shortly after booting the IP-address of the Nuc shows up on the router (from both bootloaders) and I could log into the webinterface (under DS3615 I could install DSM without any hassle - under DS3617 I didn’t test). So I installed the „extra.lzma“ to the DS916-bootloader but didn’t help. I modified the grub.cfg of the DS3615-bootloader to show up as DS916 but this didn't work. While booting everything shows up as DS916 but the webinterface for installations shows DS3615. I also copied the grub.cfg from DS3615 to the DS916 bootloader but the Nuc still doesn't show up in my network. I also compared the drivers between DS3615 and DS916 (extra.lzma) and the "e1000.ko", which I guess is for the ethernet card, is a little bit bigger in the DS916-bootloader (1 Byte) than in DS3615 and in DS916 there's an "ixgbe.ko" driver but none in DS3615 (even it's mentioned in "rc.modules"). I've tried to replace the e1000.ko from DS3615-package with the one from the DS916-package but didn't work. Don't know if it's a problem because I made everything under OS X and not under linux. I also tried to boot from DS916-bootloader v1.02a2 but also no success. So, I've no clue what to do. Can someone point me to the right direction to fix this issue? Unfortunately there's no message screen while booting to see where's the problem. Thanks in advance
  14. Loader 1.02b und DS916+

    Hast du schon mal die anderen Bootloader (DS3615 bzw. DS3617xs) probiert? Funktioniert die Neuinstallationen bei denen. Ich kann dir hier auch nicht weiterhelfen, da ich das gleiche Problem mit meinem Intel Nuc NUC5I3RYH (i3-5010U und Intel i218-V Netzwerkkarte habe. Die beiden anderen Bootloader (DS3615 bzw. DS3617xs aktuellste Versionen) laufen einwandfrei nur beim DS916+ Bootloader wird der Nuc im Netzwerk nicht gefunden. Dabei würde ich gerne den DS916-Bootloader wegen dem Hardware Transcoding verwenden.
  15. Difference DS916+, DS3615xs and DS3617xs

    Thanks for the info.