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  1. Difference DS916+, DS3615xs and DS3617xs

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Difference DS916+, DS3615xs and DS3617xs

    @l45er I've installed the latest DMS 6.1 unter VMware Fusion (OSX system) with DS916+ settings. There's also no /dev/dri folder (which is used by Emby). I've copied this folder from my Openmediavault-server (if think DSM and OMV use the same kernel) to DMS with the proper permissions but after a reboot this folder was gone (deleted). I've tried several options but always after a reboot the folder wasn't there anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the virtual machine so I can't test it on bare-metal. Hope I will get a new PC in the near future to test again.
  3. plex with asrock experiences

    I have the successor of this board and I can say that the onboard-CPU is defintily too weak for transcoding. So the chromecast can't play the video natively like all the iOS products (in combination with Plex). So therefore the Plex Server has to transcode and not to stream direct. If you need transcoding the best is to use an i3-CPU or higher. Western Digital sells a new NAS "WD My Cloud Pro PR4100" with a Pentium CPU (N3710) and this NAS can transcode a 1080p video to Plex Players on iOS or, in your case, chromecast. In this case Plex Server can use of the coded instructions (hope this is the correct term) of the CPU. This is what I read about this NAS but couldn't test (don't have one).
  4. DSM 5.2-5967 out now - safe to install?

    No, there're problems with these settings. Stay on 5644.5 if you want to be on the safe side. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    @Trantor Just have a look here what is meant by "power management" - he means "hardware & power" (I hope it's correct because I'm using german version of DSM - where you can set the time when the Syno should turn off and on,...) within DSM viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14667&start=30
  6. Intel N3050/3150

    There are SoC boards with J3160 available. The J3160 is the desktop version of the N3160 (mobile version). ASRock is selling such motherboards with this CPU. According to the spec's there's no difference between these two CPU's. Here you can see more: ... N3160.html
  7. DSM 5.2-5967 out now - safe to install?

    Yes, all my settings within Hardware & Power are gone. It's possible to create a new energy timetable but can't enter any settings within hibernatemode of the harddrives. Everytime I want to enter a setting it changes automatically to the USV option and says that I have to enter something. What the hell has hibernatemode of the hdd's to do with USV.... I think there's an update of the bootloader necessary..
  8. DSM 5.2-5967 out now - safe to install?

    Some to my system (see sig.). Everything works ok after reboot
  9. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    +1 That would be great. Thanks in advance
  10. Automatisches Backup auf SATA hotswap Platte?

    Ja, es gibt eine Idee. Das was du machen willst, bist du hier vermutlich falsch. Schau dazu im nach. Dort haben User ein Script entwickelt, dass auf einer Syno läuft und beim Anstecken ein bestimmten HDD (erkennbar über die UUID) sofort ein Backup macht. Nach Entfernen dieser wartet das Script im Hintergrund auf das neuerliche Anstecken dieser Platte. Wird eine andere Platte angesteckt, dann erkennt das Script, dass es keine Backupplatte ist und macht nichts. Natürlich dürfte dieses Script auch auf einen XPEno-Nas laufen. Also schau dich dort mal um. Hab jetzt im Moment keinen link dazu nur gibts das wirklich, weil ich einmal über diesen Beitrag drüber gestolpert bin. Ok, hab mich hinreißen lassen und schnell gegoogelt. Hab einen Beitrag hier gefunden: oder hier:ür-ext-Datenträger&p=147697&viewfull=1#post147697 weiß nicht warum beim zweiten link die URL-Einfügung nicht funktioniert. Kopiere halt den link
  11. CPU Throttle Script Tutorial

    When the script is running with the command "grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo" it show 480MHz when the cpu is idling and 1600MHz under load and the steps in between (for all four cores and MHz varies for the single cores when cpu is working). But without script the before mentioned command only shows 1600MHz for all four cores. Even when the cpu is idling. Under GSM GUI it shows when the cpu is idling or working (shows speedstep). I guess that the command doesn't show the real frequency (without script) but DSM is doing it correctly. That means that is better watching DSM GUI instead of watching the grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo - command. In another forum a user wrote that this script also had no effect on his N40L. But I don't know which DSM and XPEnology he used.
  12. CPU Throttle Script Tutorial

    I guess this script is useless with the latest DSM-firmware. The powermanagement within DSM works better instead of the script. Just my two cents. With older XPEnology and DSM maybe it's a good workaround for powermanagement but not with the latest ones. Just look at the power consumption of my "NAS" I posted one befor yours.
  13. CPU Throttle Script Tutorial

    So I made a test with this script and the result surprised me: Power consumption with script: CPU idle and HDD's run: 22,8-23 watt CPU idle and HDD's spin down: around 15,1 watt Power consumption without script: CPU idle and HDD's run: 22,0 - 22,1 watt CPU idle and HDD's idle: 12,3 - 12,4 watt Test with a Profitec KD 302 to measure the power consumption. My hardware is in my signatur. So I guess that this how-do is out of time and only valid for older XPEnology and DSM-firmware. If your really want to use it just test the power consumption if its good for your hardware or not. In my case I don't use it.
  14. CPU Throttle Script Tutorial

    Thanks, it works great with my Asrock N3150-ITX (Intel Celeron N3150)
  15. Anfänger hat Fragen trotz des Einlesens

    Zur Info. Nach dem du DSM installiert hast bitte einen Neustart machen, da ansonsten das Updatedate auf v5 mit einer Fehlermeldung abbricht. Dies nur so als Randnotiz