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  1. Hi, as I said, with 6.2.2 even if I had /dev/dri populated, my NAS would spontaneously reboot when video seeking in videostation / jellyfin, with HW encoding enabled. Now, with 6.2.3 with patched drivers, it doesn't happen anymore so without patched driver I did not have /dev/dri, but after using extra/extra2 from first post I now have fully working HW encoding since /dev/dri appeared again and it doesn't reboot anymore on video seeking
  2. With 6.2.2 I was just using JUN loader, I did not require more packages I understand that. But, on 6.2.2, I already had /dev/dri populated, and I already had a valid S/N for Synology. But, using Jellyfin (or videostation) and then doing a video seek resulted in a immediate NAS reset. Now it's not resetting anymore, on 6.2.3 with patched extra/extra2. It absolutely have to do with some optimization on latest driver. I did not change anything in my configuration, EFI/bios or something else. Just did a DSM update, then updated with extr
  3. Thanks. Last synology version was natively compatible with my graphic card, but this one was not. So I used the modded driver, and now I have /dev/dri back. Moreover, I don't know if you remember, but I had huge problems using hw acceleration in the previous DSM release: it worked when starting a new video, but if I skipped the accelerated video even once the NAS rebooted. Now it's perfectly working, I checked with JellyFin and with Video Station. Disabled: 50/85% CPU, on mine (a quad core i5 25w cpu) Enabled: 15/25% CPU. I had to plug a HDMI dummy plug in my NAS
  4. Hi, do you have any suggestion? I had /dev/dri in the previous DSM release, but the folder disappeared after upgrading to 6.2.3. I've got an old haswell hd graphics 4600, with PCI ID 8086:0412. My cpu:
  5. Hi, I will post it later but I'm almost sure that the boot drive is the first (and only the one enabled) boot drive. I'm almost sure it's the only one, and it is in efi mode. It has surely something to do with video cable, since I had to buy a dummy HDMI adapter, otherwise the Synology won't come up online after a reboot.
  6. It will create /dev/dri everytime and hardware encoding starts, but then it reboot when I skip the video in the web player. It is very noticeable that it is actually working, since quality is very high, I tried with hw encoding off and quality was not as good. Don't you have any suggestions like disabling something in the BIOS?
  7. I think that you could help me to try to exclude some culprit, maybe you can post your BIOS/EFI configuration? What to disable? We have exactly the same GPU / architecture (mine is Haswell refresh, your Haswell first gen).
  8. Hi @IG-88 what do you think of my problem? syno works, STD crash on boot (diskstation becomes unreachable), recovery obviously works but no hw acceleration. On my config I don't have error in logs, just keeps rebooting when skipping videos while using HW transcoding in video station.
  9. Hi, already tried. Syno version has the same effect as standard loader version, it creates /dev/dri but it reboots when skipping a video with hw acceleration enabled. STD version will not boot correctly: my diskstation get "pingable" but it will not respond to web interface, putty etc. Recovery version would be useless to test, since I want to have HW acceleration working without random reboots
  10. Hi, I have instantaneous reboot on Haswell CPU (35w i5 4460T). Not random, it just reboots EVERY TIME I touch the slider while viewing a Video station content on the web browser player. Power supply is generous (750w), I tried two of them. Can you please help me? I have posted here too:
  11. Hi, before starting I want to thank everyone for their efforts. I used xpenology on my old Asrock J2900-based NAS for at least 5 years, but now I'm struggling with my new(ish) system. My CPU is a 4460T (35w TDP, Haswell refresh) and it has got an integrated HD 4600 GPU. Network works fine since it's Realtek r8111 based. I need a beefier CPU (so I bought the i5 instead of the Celeron J3455) since I have a ton of dockers on the NAS. But I really would like to get hw transcoding working, since I have a lot of HEVC content. I have a couple of problems, t
  12. Hi, I just want to thank everyone with this piece of software. I used a lot of time on an old Asrock Q2900 ITX, now I bought a new(ish) MSI H81i for using hw acceleration and having a better system. My CPU is a 4460T (35w TDP, Haswell refresh) and it has got an integrated HD 4600 GPU. Network works fine since it's Realtek r8111 based. I have a couple of problems, the main one is that it reboot when I try to see a video in Video Station on my browser with HW acceleration enabled. It starts and encoding works, but as soon as i stop it or move the slider my system
  13. Hello, does it use turbo frequency? I see my i5-4460T limited from 800 to 1900mhz, never going up to 2.7ghz.
  14. Hello, Today I tried to use my USB Zigbee device with xpenology ( hxxps ) It was working quite well for a fey years, some months ago I updated it to new june loader and DSM. Now I'm on: DS3615xs DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 1 2018/06/21 Everything works good, but now I realized that USB is dead. I cannot mount USB drives anymore, some problems lie down here: Precise point, here in quote. What can I do?