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  1. @George - That is not ARM software. That is Intel.
  2. I am finding some information that indicates the LSI card may not like the Samsung 850 EVO drives and thus does not enable SSD trim functionality. I was using another controller card prior to 6.1, I had forgotten that. So, basically, I think I am SOL.
  3. I have a DSM 6.1.5 running on a LSI 9207-8i controller with 8 Samsung EVO 250gb SATA drives. The raid group is a RAID10. I have also tested with a single disk basic volume as well.I cannot see the tab that allows SSD trim to be enabled. I was running in RAID6 prior, but rebuilt in RAID10. I know the option was not allowed in RAID6, but I know it *used* to be configurable and could be enabled in DSM 5.2. I upgraded from 5.2 to 6.1, so I do not know when it might have broken. Does anyone else have a different experience? What might I be missing? *edit* Forgot to mention I am u
  4. RO = read only - i was not able to delete snapshots to free up space. PITA - pain in the a$$, I ended up deleting my volume and starting over from a last known good.
  5. I used BTRFS because it enabled some features I wanted to test. Be aware, snapshots will take extra space, though, and if you fill up your drive with snapshots, it will be marked RO and will be a PITA to recover from. I also have a complete backup as well, just in case.
  6. You don't really want an SSD tied to an ATAPI or IDE mode port, performance will not be very good if it works at all. I would buy a cheap sata controller instead. Check these forums, there have been a few posts.
  7. I am only guessing, but I suspect that port may be set (or only allowed to be changed from) ATAPI mode instead of AHCI mode. If it can be changed, it should be addressable in the BIOS.
  8. From (hxxps://www.v-front.de/2013/11/how-to-make-your-unsupported-sata-ahci.html): There is a bug in the firmware of some Marvell adapters (at least 88SE91xx) that prevents it from properly detecting attached devices if you have VT-D enabled in your computer's BIOS. As a workaround disable VT-D! (see this bug report. Many thanks to Adalbert for finding this out!).
  9. By chipset, I mean the SATA card, just so there is not some confusion.
  10. I believe that exact chipset is not PCI passthrough compatible. It never shows up in a guest. I fought this issue for a couple of hours before finding a post on it somewhere. Try a different chipset/sata card.
  11. It might, but if it is not being used much, as most of our N54Ls are not I suspect from a processor perspective, the fluctuation may be more harmful that it is worth. And for battery operated devices like the phones mentioned above, it matters. For devices on power all the time, if a processor is idling at 2.0ghz or 800mhz, the actual power used is minimally different. I am not trying to be an a$$, just pointing out that often things are just not worth chasing. I know I had to disable C1E on my n54l when moving from 5.2 to 6.1, and that disabled some of the more effective power savings any
  12. Has anyone actually measured any appreciable power usage difference before and after running this script? Your CPU is not running 100% just because your CPU it showing full speed. I imagine the difference with CPU stepping on vs off for most people is tens of pennies per year, honestly.
  13. Baremetal N54L, random Athlon Phenom II hardware, random Intel E6850 hardware, and ESXi guest all upgraded just fine and seem to be humming along.
  14. No. You need to disable transport mode encryption. Synology has confirmed that is the proper workaround at this time.