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  1. to synchronize an encrypted folder with the cloud, I must open the share folder key continuously am I right? I just don't want my private data to be in the hands of someone else if my nas is stolen.
  2. Hi Everyone, I wonder, if my xpenology device is stolen. Can they access my data? can they reset the administrator password? how can I take precautions for these situations?
  3. GroupPolicy

    Which dsm

    I wonder the answer to this question
  4. The result is the same if I have more than one file.Did you test it?
  5. I took a video to show the situation more clearly. Please watch. Synology.mp4
  6. but there is a problem. The other option is the same. ı choose " Locally delete files will be removed from your nas" after , ı remove the sync ling from software again. I connected to nas again but same txt file came back from nas to pc. This is not normall
  7. I think this time it worked. I tried, firstly, I created a txt file in Client pc. After, I removed the sync link from Software and after, ı deleted txt file from pc. and again I connected to nas with software and ı saw txt file again my computer. Thaks My friend!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a responsibility that I can not find an answer to. I installed Cloud Station server on my Xpenology DS3617xs NAS. I use "Cloud station drive" on my computer to synchronize the files on my computer with the server. Synchronization works in two-way. but I could not figure out exactly what the settings in the part I shared with you were working for. No matter what option is selected, if I delete a file from my computer, it is also deleted from my server. Is this normal? Thanks all
  9. Have you swapped all of the disks? For example ı have 4 harddisk. If I encounter this problem again, should I exchange 4 diskettes?
  10. I think I found the cause The sata settings were in AHCI mode. I changed IDE and now I see the hard disks in correct number.
  11. I want to tell, this problem only 6.1 Because ı was using 5.2 and this was no problem
  12. Hi, Yes same problem. You do not have this problem with DSM 5.2 correct? 3615 xs 3617 xs Which one do you use?
  13. for example what might be? Because There is no other device connected with SATA.