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  1. ygor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    There is more details here: https://www.oradba.ch/2013/08/avdf-linux-kernel-could-not-recognize-whole-ram/ looks to be caused by a bios issue, disabling is a workaround if there is no bios update
  2. ygor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    you should add disable_mtrr_trim to the grub.cfg Example: set common_args_3615='disable_mtrr_trim syno_hdd_pow ...... it is know issue, also required on G7 (amd)
  3. work with last update 6.1.7-15284
  4. vbox 5.1.30 also OK on 6.1.6 on HP N54L
  5. Since i try synology virtual manager i found sometimes i had a unreachable box, and forced to restart with power button (no ssh or gui accessible) found this line in kernel log file: this seems to be caused by openvswitch activated (when you installed dsm virtual manager this option become enabled ) go to config panel / network interface / manage and uncheck openvswitch (if you don't use dsm virtual manager) your box should be more stable, if you have installed and removed the virtual manager. (once installed i can't proprely uninstall it, and had to go cli for manual uninstall) did someone got it to work on xpenology with jun's bootloader (intel or amd ?)
  6. better use : sh-4.3# ./opt/VirtualBox/vboxwebsrv -b instead of : sh-4.3# ./opt/VirtualBox/vboxwebsrv &
  7. vbox 5.1.30 on HP N54L is working for me with DSM 6.1.5-15254 -> following same edit process: replace the 3 values 15217 by 15254 in previous spk (5.0.40 or 5.1.30) after upgrade: uninstall old vbox / reinstall updated spk in the setup for the admin user put the admin password (admin must be enabled in dsm, and you need to set a strong password) keep "run after setup" selected reboot synology in case you have port 18083 error after login on webpage (after rebooting with vbox started before reboot) connect ssh & check: sh-4.3# lsmod | grep vbox vboxpci 15225 0 vboxnetadp 18580 0 vboxnetflt 17736 0 vboxdrv 373485 3 vboxnetadp,vboxnetflt,vboxpci sh-4.3# netstat -an | grep 18083 tcp 0 0* LISTEN if phpvirtualbox does not connect after login/password (admin/admin and show error with port 18083) : start the service manualy: sh-4.3# cd /volume1/@appstore/ sh-4.3# ./opt/VirtualBox/vboxwebsrv & retry: sh-4.3# netstat -an | grep 18083, it should display a result, if not try version 5.0.40 sh-4.3# uname -a Linux N54L 3.10.102 #15254 SMP Fri Jan 26 06:40:50 CST 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_bromolow_3615xs VirtualBox_x64_5.1.30-118389-1.spk.dsm6.1.5
  8. ygor

    DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 3

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.4 15217 update 2 - Loader version: Jun's v1.02b - ds 3615xs - Installation type: HP N54L - Additional comments: Requires reboot - Virtualbox 5.1.30 : package : OK
  9. The script is not for AMD only, since the module is not required since kernel 3.4 (dsm 6.1.x have kernel 3.10) It should work for any X86_64 cpu, if someone can confirm with other hardware. for more than 10 cpu core change the line : for c in $(ls -d /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]*); to ->by for c in $(ls -d /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-15]*); for 16 cores. We could change the title AMD HP N54L PowerSave CPU on DSM 6.1.4 / loader 1.02b -> AMD / Intel PowerSave CPU on DSM 6.1.x / loader 1.02b and rename: S99PowersavingAMD.sh with vi S99Powersaving.sh as nothing in the script is related to AMD. (except the removed line for DSM 5.x) ? I can't edit the first post.
  10. i know it is not going to make a big diff on the bill, but cpu may also cool a bit as it require less energy.
  11. Same as on your phone. When idling it goes down, and same on laptop with windows , CPU is going down on frequency by défaut.
  12. By default CPU is working 100% all time (2200Mhz) with the script found in previous post it works (bootloader 1.02b) on AMD before: fixed state: sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 2200.000 cpu MHz : 2200.000 after: sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.000 cpu MHz : 1300.000 sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.000 cpu MHz : 800.000 sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.000 cpu MHz : 1900.000 sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.000 cpu MHz : 800.000 sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.000 cpu MHz : 800.000 sh-4.3# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 1300.000 cpu MHz : 1600.000 the original script was not working due to this line: insmod /lib/modules/powernow-k8.ko, just had to comment it Script: # vi S99PowersavingAMD.sh #!/bin/sh for c in $(ls -d /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]*); do if ! grep -q 'conservative' $c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; then echo conservative >$c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; fi done copy the scipt to: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/S99PowersavingAMD.sh edit crontab and add: */15 * * * * root /usr/local/etc/rc.d/S99PowersavingAMD.sh Don't wait for 15 minutes to activate the script: sh /usr/local/etc/rc.d/S99PowersavingAMD.sh sh-4.3# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor conservative sh-4.3# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_governor conservative Default mode : performance Run the CPU at the maximum frequency. Switch to mode : conservative Scales the frequency dynamically according to current load. Scales the frequency more gradually than ondemand. looks good
  13. i'm lucky that that version 5.1.30 on dsm 6.1.4 and HP n54l works well
  14. This repo also have virtualbox spk 5.0.40 and 5.1.30 but i don't know for DSM6.1.4: http://spk.synologyitalia.com/index.php?fulllist=true edit : looks like 5.1.30 is available for dsm 6.1.4 on synoitalia
  15. Someone did try update 2 with vbox ? ^^