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Hung at booting kernel




Was watching a youtube video "XPEnology -DSM 6.1 (bare metal) tutorial.

I downloaded 6.0.2 loader from the xpenology forum (mega).  downloaded the synoboot.img.  Used rufus

to make the bootable usb drive.   Took it to  my machine (an old desktop) and booted from the usb drive.

It displayed on the screen the normal messages, then booting from kernel where it hung.  I am assuming there is

an issue with my hardware.   It is an AMD Phenom II x2 545 on a GigaByte GA-M68MT-D3 motherboard.


Am I out of luck with this hardware, or is there a different loader that I need?


thanks for any assistance.



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The booting from Kernel message and no further output is normal.

What happened when you tried to find the system with Synology Assistant? The on-board realtek 8211 nic should work ok, but you can try the extended extra.lzma as in the tutorial which has additional/newer drivers. If you have a spare Intel nic try that in one of the expansion ports.

The mobo also has a serial port so you can connect that and check the boot load process with a Putty connection

You could also try the older 5.2 loader, has more drivers and compatibility with older mobos and will get you started and you can do more diagnostics of your hardware in linux.

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I may be misreading this post but as sbv3000 says hanging on the kernel is normal on the servers monitor.I'm  not sure if you then went to a  second computer on your internal(local) net and went to find.synology.com and let that site look for you xpenology server and install the DMS its worth bearing in mind to use only the juns loaders which are suitable for amd. not all are.I hope this is of some use 

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