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  1. Hung at booting kernel

    Hy, first you should search on the Gigabyte page what storage controller and what Lan controller your motherboard uses. Then search the forum if these controllers are supported. Disable in the Bios anything not needed... Good luck...
  2. Schedule Backup with external HDD

    I had it always attached, the trick is that compatible drives power up and down automatically
  3. Schedule Backup with external HDD

    Why do you not search on the synology site for a usb drive wjich is compatible? Then the USB drive will automatically power up and down ... Worked for me with a mybook essential for a long time, before I replaced it with my old 411j
  4. DSM 6 - Where is option to use SHR?

    login as root if not possible search the forum on how to enable root access
  5. @undecided: You should turn off auto-update! Do all updates manual after verifying here in the forum it will work.
  6. Anfänger Fehler ?

    Moin, hast Du den Stick wieder in den selben Port gesteckt? (ich ziehe meinen nie ab, auch damit nach evtl. Stromausfall das NAS wieder booten kann) Auf dem NAS wirst Du nach dem booten keinerlei Anzeige auf dem Monitor bekommen, das ist normal. Alles wird via Internet-Browser durch die DSM gesteuert.
  7. Disk volume not expanding in raid 6 setup

    I think you should be able to cheat the system by editing /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf and deleting supportraidgroup="yes" and add support_syno_hybrid_raid="yes" and this should enable SHR and remove the standard raid only functions. You will have to do this every time you update the system as the new PAT files replace these defaults. This is quite clearly not supported so do at your own risk! The other way, if you don't want to edit config files, is to create a basic SHR array in a device that supports it and then add those discs to the array; you can then use the SHR array as normal just can't create new ones without the above work.
  8. If you do not give any information noone will be able to help: Which loader are you using? Whiich environment - Baremetal? Which mainboard, with which sata controller onboard? Which sata controller did you add? Did you adapt your grub with Sataport option?
  9. Datenträger 2 kein Zugriff

    Du hast ein Raid (SHR) erstellt. Die 2. Festplatte wird jetzt benutzt und spiegelt die 1. Platte. Daher hast Du keinen zusätzlichen Platz.
  10. Update von 5.0-4493 auf 6.1x

    Prinzipiell funktioniert hibernation. Das Problem ist, dass es sehr schwierig ist herauszufinden was hibernation blockiert. Es gibt dazu sehr viele Beiträge auch im deutschen Synology-Forum.
  11. [Newbie] Installation von XPEnology

    Hy, schau mal dort:
  12. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4

    Update with reboot, but no problems
  13. Ohne Backup? Sehr hohes Risiko. Ansonsten Schau Dir doch das Tutorial zu dem Thema an...
  14. Upgraded to 6.1 by error (HELP TO NOT LOSE DATA)

    Which Loader are you using? What DSM Version was is originally? What Hardware are you using? Are you running in a VM or Baremetal? We no Info noone can help.