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  1. I installed Xpenology on a computer with 4 hard drives and copies some data to it. I have not done anything with it and it has run for quite some time. I will get the versions info tonight when I get home from work, but the reason for the message is that it started making noise and I logged into and it said that the volume had crashed. Noticed that 1 of the 4 drives did not show as listed anymore. No data (only usb stick that I run xpenology from showed in the files tool). Shut the computer down. Pulled the failed drive and put a new drive in (its 2TB vs 1TB that failed). Powered the system back up and logged in. Says degraded, but storage manager says volume still crashed. How do I recover the volume so I can pull the data off this unit. I am pulling the data as a safety backup. A pointer to a page, doc, etc that explains how to do this would be great as all my googling yesterday didn't yield the info I needed. Thanks in advance for any help. (5.2-5644) Ksukat.
  2. Greetings, Was watching a youtube video "XPEnology -DSM 6.1 (bare metal) tutorial. I downloaded 6.0.2 loader from the xpenology forum (mega). downloaded the synoboot.img. Used rufus to make the bootable usb drive. Took it to my machine (an old desktop) and booted from the usb drive. It displayed on the screen the normal messages, then booting from kernel where it hung. I am assuming there is an issue with my hardware. It is an AMD Phenom II x2 545 on a GigaByte GA-M68MT-D3 motherboard. Am I out of luck with this hardware, or is there a different loader that I need? thanks for any assistance.