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DSM6.1 reboot not working


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Since I have updated my HP n54L to DSM 6/6.1.3, I was unable to reboot. When I reboot, the nas shutdown and boot but still on booting the kernel and nothing happens, no HDD led blinking. I have to shutwon it manually and boot it.


There is a way to enable verbose on the bootloader to identify the issue or maye be there is a log for booting part?



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On 8/23/2017 at 6:40 PM, Polanskiman said:

Normally yes by connecting a serial cable from your NAS to a laptop/computer and running a serial terminal on your laptop/computer. But I think HP n54L does not have a serial port. Did you try re-burning the usb drive?


Hi, I think there is no serial port, but I have a screen direct connected to it, but I only see Booting Kernel. There is probably a log file somewhere to identify the boot error.

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6 hours ago, Polanskiman said:


Did you solve your problem?

 Hi, no i was waiting for a solution here, maybe this weekend i will try to solve this


14 minutes ago, sbv3000 said:

I dont unederstand the need of serial port, I have a vga out, so i can see the what happen on a screen, but actually I have only "booting kernel", I will appreciate to enable a kind of verbose to display what is currently running.



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With XPE 5.2 boot you could see a lot of information on a vga connected monitor about loading drivers/networking/file system status and finally the 'diskstation login' (your servername), so there was a lot of information to help diagnostics.

However with XPE 6 boot loader you only see the grub menu and then 'booting kernel' screen. The only way to see the 'verbose logging' similar to 5.2 is to access the nas through a serial port and serial console connection. Then you can see all the driver load/networking logs etc.

You should also check the DSM logs for any information about startup/shutdown etc that might help.

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On 9/7/2017 at 6:01 PM, sbv3000 said:


I am not convince that will work unless the serial port card is seen in the bios at boot.

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