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DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2


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I updated on my baremetal, it tells me to go to find.synology.com but its not back on the network. Any ideas?


people her talking about a 6.1 15101 clean install and update to u1,u2

did this in vm and baremetal, no problems


you updated from what version?

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jun 1.01 -> 6.0.2

jun 1.0.2a -> 6.1/6.1.1 3615xs

jun 1.0.2a2 -> 6.1/6.1.1 3617xs


as the 6.1 is not out for so long its still work in progress but does work good for a lot of people, no amd sopport for 1.0.2 yet, but some chipsets seem to work but no "official" support for amd

1.0.2a2 is basicly the same as 1.0.2a but with a fix for the timebomb issue (no data volume after 12h) that came with 3617xs

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