Old dual Xeon server, will it work?

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I have an old dual xeon server (see picture below). Since i do not have any other function for it besides making a nas from it i would like to know if i would be able to install DSM on it? I have other Synology Nasses and i love how they work. 

Should i try or can’t it work on this hardware?





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It would probably be more helpful if you can find out the actual Xeon model and Nic manufacturer and model. These are the two biggest things that makes the difference from my understanding

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i dont think its  woth trying, USCSI and PCI-X, the disks are tiny and you will not find really big disks to make it usefull, and even if, they will be slow

and cheap used desktop will beat that system and will be much cheaper to maintain (power consumption), i guess thsi old server will also be pretty noisy

also beside the fact you might not find a driver to work with that "securaid" controller, it name implies raid and xpenology a for single disks to make a software raid


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Thnx, i am not really in need for another NAS, i just have the hardware laying around and was looking for a purpose for it. 

If it is not worth it, i am going to sell or throw it away. 

thanks for the help!

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CPU is "Prestonia" which is Netburst architecture.  Unlikely to work as the Linux kernel compile requires Nehalem or later.  That chip is more than 15 years old!

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