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  1. Or this for the SAS card https://www.ebay.com/itm/224467330163?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28
  2. Cpu Fan $10 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MSD39CN/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=pctechhustl00-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01MSD39CN&linkId=54ce9cfee84be42c49d3279616d2db76 SuperMicro X9SCL-O MotherBoard $58 https://www.walmart.com/ip/SUPERMICRO-MBD-X9SCL-O-LGA-1155-Intel-C202-Micro-ATX-Intel-Xeon-E3-Server-Motherboard/101605741?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=2210 SAS to Sata Cables $7.83 https://www.ebay.com/itm/143290062511?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item215cc0d6af:g:LL4AAOSwt8Bg3Jwd&amdata=enc
  3. So just to be clear, DS3615xs should auto detect your LSI adapter and use the appropriate .ko or mpt2sas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, looking for help, wanting to install this directly to the HDD. Understanding i have to do this at my own risk, but i would like to do it. Do anyone have a step by step guide on how to mod the images or files to do this? Thanks.
  5. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3617xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP Proliant ML10, Xeon 1270 V2 (Upgrade)/DS3617xs/DSM 6.2.3-25426 update 3/Jun Loader 1.03b - Additional comments: Runs very good - hope update is possible
  6. Ciao, ho la stessa identica scheda madre. Qual è stato l'aggiornamento più alto che sei riuscito a installare con questa scheda madre? Immagino che tu stia usando anche DSM3615xs
  7. Hello, I have the exact same motherboard. What was the highest update were you able to install with this motherboard? Im assuming you also was using DSM3615xs
  8. You can go to the website called pcsolutions.com. they have really cheap alternative for someone looking to build a NAS Sent from my HD1925 using Tapatalk
  9. It would probably be more helpful if you can find out the actual Xeon model and Nic manufacturer and model. These are the two biggest things that makes the difference from my understanding Sent from my HD1925 using Tapatalk
  10. If i had hair i would have yanked it out by now. So I will go through the steps that I have tried. Tried installing the DS3615xs loader 1.02 and 1.03, system will boot (watched it on the computer monitor) but never shows up in my network. Never can find it with the find.synology.com DS3617xs loader 1.02 and 1.03, system will boot (watched it on the computer monitor) but never shows up in my network. Never can find it with the find.synology.com I have tried the extension extra.lzma for both devices for both loaders. Some things to know: Y
  11. So the driver (kernel module) for RTL8168/8111E Nic GB controller is unstable? I currently am trying to help some friends build a Xpenology through the parts left over from a an old pc. There problem is the motherboard and the nic card. ASUS M5A78LM LX PLUS Its the RTL8111E and apparently some how it has two mac addresses for one nic. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. So thanks, however it almost seems like I need a degree to install it. Im trying to install vimagick/youtube-dl from the docker registry, but it seems like nothing I do gets it to work. And the dockerhub doesnt show a step by step instruction on how to install or set it up. Help please.
  13. Cant be it, when VMM is not running or any other app for that matter only 20% seems to be being used by the system. Its only after I turn on VMM and yet still have all other apps still close it does the same thing, 80% goes reserve.