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Serial Number / Quick Connect


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Hi all!


I am pretty new to this thing - but it's awesome.

A question i got is regarding Quickconnect.

It is recommended not to use a serial for the box out of the generator for Quick Connect.


My question is - can i use a original serial from a older box and model (from a 216) for the 918+ Model and then use Qucik Connect?

Are the serials not connected to a special model type? 

For my install i used a key from the generator - but for the 916+ Model - but it worked for the 918+ too.....


Would be awesome if this works.



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You can use the Serial in combination with the original MAC unless you don‘t have both machines online. But I doubt that it will work for a long time. I had the opportunity to try that with a serial/mac from a real 3615 and it resulted in a message that said „Oops - something is wrong with your serial!“. 

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On 12/27/2018 at 8:02 AM, a575606 said:

I have the same question. I'm migrating from a synology ds1512+ and wondered if I could use that serial on my xpenology ds3615+ installation to get quickconnect working?

Late reply but this is probably not going to work. I tried a couple valid pairs from different models and it seems you need a pair from the same box at the very least. A pair from a different model will give an error when you try to use quickconnect. Worth noting that you only need a valid serial for video station hardware acceleration, not sure about other packages.

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if i dont need quickconnect will there be a problem with the using of serial/mac from an older box in any of the packages ?

i ve an old 209+ and would go for 918+ with that serial anyone tried that ? whats about video de/encoding (the old 209+ wont do that)  

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