Hi guys,


I am desperate. I run a Dell T20 with Xpenoloy DS 5.2-5967 and since a week I try to remember and login to my DS. It could be that I change my pw with my phone in the browser - but I can still not remember. It might be that I typed the wrong password. And now I can't access my personal important stuff. PLEASE HELP.


I already tried the following things:


- resetuser=admin at the booting, but I deactivated my admin account 

- telnet is deactivated

- the login counter is set to 5 attempts

- I installed a fresh DS 5.2-5967 on the other disk but I could not mount my old disks


How can I reset my settings / password without losing data?

There are other ideas? Hacking the smb?


Please help me.



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9 hours ago, tobi16a said:


You edit the boot.cfg file on your usb stick?


Should work if you edit correct.


Log-In as admin on welcome screen, leave Password blank.

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Assuming you are the correct owner of the box, and not somone trying to hack ;-)


I faced a similiar problem with the box of a friend, but that was running DSM 4.3.

I was trying many things, including the "Password of the day trick"


As can been seen in that thread, there is a way to manually delete the DSM system partitions,

letting you reinstall the system from scratch, while keeping the data. It works, but can be dangerous if you make a mistake.


What I ended up with, was an update to 5.2, allowing me to reset the config, and keep the files.


Since you allready are on 5.2, maybe a forced install, using a new stick, will give you the option to migrate your data, 

or if your HW is compatible with DSM 6.1, you could try that upgrade.



Is your system set up to autoblock IP adresses after Xnumbers of failed logins?

That might keep you out, even with the correct password.

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