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  1. fakeman

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Is bare metal install supported??
  2. fakeman

    Working DSM 6

    So you mentioned about the ISO (I believe you mean the boot image?), is it inside the VM image? Can you split it out because I am planning to use bare metal to test.
  3. fakeman

    Remote access

    I bought my domain from NameCheap.com, they support DDNS A record update, somebody wrote a DDNS update plugin for that and I've used it before, not bad. Now I am using my router to do that DDNS update (pfSense), my previous router RouterBoard also supports a custom script to update it.
  4. Exactly, I have Asrock C2550D4i with 16GB ECC, not much useful at the moment, but when BtrFS is out then I can simply take advantage of it.
  5. I know that xpe is based on 3615xs+, which is originally based on an i3 CPU with AES-NI support. Synology's website also mentioned about the encryption acceleration, but when I tried to do speed test with OpenSSL under command line I am not sure if we really got that support. My platform is Asrock C2550D4i, the Avoton CPU definitely has AES acceleration support (I can see this in /proc/cpuinfo as well), but the speed test result is not convincing, someone who owns N3700 mobo (which also supports AES-NI) with proper BSD/Linux platform can do twice better than me, which I couldn't believe since C2550 and N3700 has similar clock speed. Any idea?
  6. Celeron J1900 is old now, better go for N3150/N3700. There is AES-NI support for new CPUs, great for encryption applications!
  7. Just installed on my Asrock C2550D4i bare metal, everything alright.
  8. Quick question, I just looked into the driver list, seems that no AMD based PATA support exist in Xpe? My mobo is using AMD 880G chipset, I don't want to waste the SATA port, and I would like to use the PATA port to connect an IDE drive as temp volume for downloader, will this be included in future release?
  9. I don't really think that there is a need for that software to be extracted out. First of all running VM with different architecture means pure software emulation, performance won't be great. Second thing is, there are plenty of great Firewall OS, and a number of them are Open Source + having better feature (with Xpenology I guess you won't need another storage sharing on top of firewall, right?), right now I am using a FreeBSD based firewall OS named pfSense, which is doing much better job than the RT1900ac's OS (I deployed pfSense with bare metal install in a dedicated machine and able to serve 150-200 ppl with dual WAN load balancing.)
  10. Transcoding is not a memory intensive application, you don't need that much memory. For me, I use Asrock C2550D4i (Atom C2550) which is already capable to handle 2 x 1080p, so I am sure your i3 will work, just a little bit more power consumption Western Digital Green....try to avoid using them as RAID.
  11. I also own Asrock C2550D4i I've never tried anything prior to 5.1, but from my last known experience, 5.1 also has "=trigger device plug event=" issue, I heard from some people in Chinese forum that 5.0 or earlier version has no such issue. As long as I boot the machine with 9172 enabled, even with no HDD connected, the mentioned problem comes up, but this issue will be gone if I install full feature Linux/BSD (I tried with OpenMediaVault, which is based on Debian Linux, and FreeNAS/NAS4Free which are based on FreeBSD 9/10), I'm pretty sure that this is DSM kernel specific. Looking back to previous post, I think I will try to disable IOMMU (either in BIOS or boot prompt) to see if that can help.
  12. I have N54L and tried (N40L/N54L only cpu difference), eSATA works, but if you are going to use multiple disk enclosure w/SATA multiplier then you will not get what you want. I have an Orico 3-bay eSATA enclosure, if I do not enable RAID mode then DSM will only recognize the 1st disk
  13. I have the C2550D4i, you can use native SATA with Xpenology 5.0 or before without any problem. But if you use 5.1 or later, you have to disable the SE9172 or you will have the " =trigger device plug event" issue, so that means you can use 10 drives max. Do not use IDE mode, it incurs huge performance impact.
  14. Did you tried to use SATA multiplier enclosures? I have one but seems XPE cannot detect anything other than the 1st drive. But I am sure that the normal Synology expansion units are just a box with SATA multiplier as well.
  15. I have a spare machine with 2 x 4TB disks, just tried with 5592 Update 4 (direct update from UI, it works!) It has a /dev/md2 device (mirror), same as previous posts, the volume crashed immediately, mounting it to /volume1/ by command and then it works. I've chosen "enable enhanced data integrity" in options but no idea how it can enhance data integrity. And I tried to transfer about 10GB files from my PC using FTP, everything looks good, we just need a way to figure out how to automount it during reboot.
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